Sen Joseph McCarthy – Martyr to Patriotism – March 13, 2019

This 1954 video is a measure of how the West has been totally subverted by Communists. Joseph McCarthy was a genuine patriot who like Paul Revere sounded the alarm. But he is still vilified by the Freemason traitors who run the country on behalf of the central banking cartel. 
Communism is monopoly capitalism. The bankers extend their monopoly over government credit (currency) to a monopoly over everything, an ever-expanding tyranny. The concern for equality and social justice is just a ruse to cover up a process of satanic possession.
Tucker Carlson confirms that free speech and discourse are now under demonic assault but he has not connected this to the occult. Communism/Satanism are all about turning the world upside down. They call it revolution. But really it is about destroying the world so they can rebuild it in their own sick image. They call this “healing the world.”
The vilification of Joseph McCarthy is second only to Hitler. What do these two men have in common?  Resistance to Communism, (i.e. Cabalism.)  History has proven McCarthy right. However, the Communist cancer has spread so far that this courageous patriotic stand against Satanism is called a “witchhunt”.  Most of those who denounce(d) him are(were) dupes or fellow travellers. 
“Virtually every one of the people accused of being a Soviet agent by Elizabeth Bentley and Whittaker Chambers — both reviled and denounced for making false charges not only by political partisans in the 1940s but by historians ever since — turns out to have been a Soviet spy.”
“From its inception in 1919, the CPUSA had been generously funded by the Soviet Union, with subsidies that reached $3,000,000 a year by the mid-1980s… the Party leadership had worked closely with Soviet intelligence to ferret out American secrets.”
“We have already …possessed the minds of the goy communities…[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses.”
Protocols of Zion, 12
Makow CommentHistorians like Klehr cannot see the BIG PICTURE. Even McCarthy lacked this. Communism is a branch of Freemasonry (Cabalist Judaism). Illuminati insider Chaim Rakovsky revealed in 1938, “the aim of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism.” All the players are Freemasons or their tools, including FDR, Truman, Churchill, and Stalin. Soviet agents like Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White defined the postwar world. 

from Feb 17, 2018

Setting the Record on Sen. Joseph McCarthy Straight 

by Harvey Klehr — (Excerpts by 

Churchill, Truman and Stalin doing their Masonic shake. Cold War was a charade. All wars are ruses to kill patriots increase power and make money. Click to enlarge

McCarthyism is [regarded as] the most frightening and detestable era in modern American history. For much of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990, there was a steady outpouring of books and articles arguing that the Communist Party of the United States was a small, inoffensive group of idealists committed to democracy, civil rights and labor organizing that was demonized and persecuted by an American Inquisition, headed not only by McCarthy, but also by J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, and Richard Nixon, persecutor of Alger Hiss…
Among historians, there was widespread support for the idea that that American government had vastly overestimated the threat of Soviet espionage. The convictions of Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were widely regarded as miscarriages of justice. The charges by Elizabeth Bentley that dozens of government employees had given her secret data to turn over to the Russians were derided as the unsupported ravings of a deluded alcoholic. President Truman’s imposition of a federal loyalty-security program was attacked as an unjustified intrusion on civil liberties…


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