They Went Off the Road on the Way to Mandalay Bay

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 8, 2017

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It’s not like those other times when the dark side of the Deep State of the American government, with the assistance of Satanic, Zionist, Israel attacked the American public for the purpose of intimidation, for the incremental and progressive implementation of Communism from borders to borders, East and West and North and South and beyond. It’s already well on its way to the North. If you want a small taste of what they intend… look at Canada. Of course the stage of it which Canada is presently in is Early Times and the residents had better stock up on plenty of Early Times to help them cope with what the psychopaths have in mind for them.
At other times, when the American intelligence services, in concert with International Satanists and Israel have launched a murderous assault against the American public, the media has been like an angry beehive. It’s different this time. In some ways it looks like their heart isn’t even in it. Maybe no orders have come down so far. Perhaps this is only Stage One of an agenda and we are going to have to wait a bit for them to hop up and down in feigned outrage. It just happened and that was that. Ordinary dysfunctional life came back really fast. The news of the day before remains the news of the present moment. It will probably be the same tomorrow.
In the past, every few hours there would be some breaking new artifice; some new and fantastic lie about what happened but didn’t happen. There would be an industrial Jack in the Box construction where one head popped up after another to provide yet one more perspective on an event that never took place. Oh something happened. It just wasn’t what we were told. In the past they relied on a relentless avalanche of lies to reinforce an infrastructure of prevarication built out of shadows materializing into substance. If you concentrate shadow to the necessary density, a palpable form will appear. The general public will come to believe that what is not there is actually there. They will reflexively believe that the lie is true, in the same way that they believe they are free, in the same way they will believe they know what is going on, when they don’t, in the same way they will conform to traditions as if the traditions are in their own best interest, when they are not.
The bottom line is that lies are easier to believe, whereas the truth brings a responsibility with it. The truth will set you apart and very likely bring you into conflict with your fellows. It will also bring that grave disappointment, which is that people will not believe you, even when you can convincingly prove what you say. They will often run in horror from what you have to say, or they will cultivate an enmity toward you for putting them in the position of having to refute the irrefutable. On the surface they will be certain that you are wrong but at a deeper level their conscience will convict them and give them no peace and they will hate you for this. Jesus Christ was a classic example of this and the marvelous evidence of his miracles only served to make those who hated him, hate him more. You can show people with the simplest clarity that something is so but it will not be enough if it challenges their comfort, which they either possess or are in the pursuit of. The whole of civilization is the people’s reaction to pain and the hunger for comfort.
The epidemic of alcoholism and drug addiction are all in relation to a deeper pain that will not go away and that pain is generated by a person’s resistance to seeing themselves as they really are. Sexual perversities and addictions are all expressions of one’s inability to feel Love. Love requires the giving of one’s self. The vulnerability that this creates in a time of material darkness, which drives one in the service of selfish intent is in direct conflict with the experience of Love as love really is. You can’t fake love and harvest the fruits of love at the same time. You only create a wicked simulacrum whose product is a gnawing emptiness. It is this emptiness that drives the unfortunate (of which there are so very many) toward an objective that cannot be realized and which results in an ever increasing frustration and attendant shame of having looked for love in all the wrong places.
We have considered all the possibilities that might explain why this present offense against the American public has resulted in so little. There is a paucity of both truth and lies. We expect that of the former but that the lies are not streaming 24-7 over every airwave there is, is startling. I have been left with the conclusion that this recent event is only part one in a scenario that has not completed. Further marching orders are in abeyance until further on.
In the meantime, the usual trivia, attendant absurdities and non stop celebration of tiny demographics as the new normal continue apace. Here we see how Naval Training played a significant role in making it possible for a humorous irony to come to our attention. At the same time, Mr. Apocalypse is lifting the skirts of ubiquitous corruption in the corridors of power. Here is the outplaying of one of those persistent mysteries that occur in the lives of those who can afford everything and have it delivered to their door. Why would one of the most powerful men in the world expose himself through sexual harassment of the unwilling when he could have had willing tidbits brought out to him daily with his canapes and cocktails? Why do people who do not have to do so, put themselves in such a fix? Such is the nature of the cause and effect of life’s teaching moments, when the director is on the set and making a point. Once again, irony rears its shaggy head. Here we have a man who makes movies and is one of the most powerful and successful men alive at this and now he is starring in a movie he didn’t contract for.
The message in all of this is that manifest life is about lessons; lessons learned, lessons not learned, lessons by example and proxy. It is a continuous series of stages constructed and stages torn down and all of them for the purpose of lessons demonstrated. If you learn your lesson, you move on to the next one. If you do not then you are destined to repeat the necessary circumstances set into place for the experience. You get promoted. You get demoted. Karma is precise and barring supernatural intervention, inviolable. The biggest problem with Karma is that it tends to create more Karma out of the nature of the Karma at work. This is why it is so difficult for us to change. It is always hardest when you are ‘trying to change’. When we go along as we always do it can be effortless but… try to make alterations and boom! The factor of resistance goes right up.
Everyone has a monitor, or guide appointed to keep track of them. They may be completely unaware of it but so it is. This is the source of information gleaned from the intuition… hunches… going to sleep with something on your mind and waking up with an answer. On the one hand, some of it comes about through the operation of the subconscious while we sleep. Other times it is ‘inserted’ into our consciousness. Most people resist things of this nature because most people resist change. Self will run riot is the order of the present day. So long as we work in opposition to our own best interests we are going to be the victim of our aggressive ignorance.
I have not been immune to this sort of behavior. It’s taken me some time to learn to step out of my own way. For several years I have been told, over and over, “rely on me”. Try as I might, even when I would remember to try, I was unable to do this. I had to experience all sorts of trauma and witness the good fortune that came from my own invisible guide(s). Slowly but surely, if you are mindful and of good intent, you begin to see and understand. You see internally and you understand comprehensively, according to your capacity to rely on the ineffable. We think when we are being pounded on that it is some form of misfortune but… we are being pounded into shape and we are being nudged, less gently than we might like, onto our proper course. It is real misfortune when no effort is being made on your behalf, when you have been left to your own devices because wiser minds know that you can no longer be guided away from your persistent errors in judgment; “where there is no vision, the people perish”. It is happening right in front of us.
You would think that even a relative simpleton could see what the Dark State and their fell companions are up to. The lack of curiosity in the general public, when it comes to the commission of crimes against them is stunning. The idea that one elderly man was able to kill and wound so many people in such a short time with weapons that cannot do what they are said to have done is ridiculous. With so much that has already happened and the absurdities of the official lies about 9/11, you would think people might have finally become aware of what has been happening to them but… so far this is not the case. Somehow their minds are completely under a spell. They believe the unbelievable and yet… it is so hard to accept the incredible.
I want no part of these delusions. I am not going to buy a ticket on the Doom Train. I can’t run into the street and cry out like a lunatic possessed. I can’t grab people by the arm in the supermarket no more than I can write in all capital letters here, as if virtual shouting would add some greater degree of credibility to what I say. In the end, the best you can do is to set a good example. The best you can do is to seek after the truth and speak it on those occasions where the opportunity presents itself. The rest is in the hands of the ineffable, let come what may.
The Las Vegas attack was carried out by hired guns of the Deep State Satanists. Try as they might, their acts of persistent violence will not reap them the results they seek. This is an apocalypse. What may have been possible at another time is not possible now. The shovels employed by these murderous thugs are only digging deeper the hole they are going to bury themselves in. The most unfortunate aspect of it all is not the terrible end these monsters have set their sights on, it is all the careless and witless souls that they will carry with them into perdition. That’s the point of it anyway, as far as their master is concerned.
Be watchful and seek the good advice of your invisible friends. Help is always to be had for those who will put themselves in the way of it. Just because Johnny got into his car and drove off the cliff does not mean you have to. Be grateful to Johnny for having shown you what happens when you do.
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