Second man is arrested over Parsons Green attack

Introduction — Sept 17, 2017

This is an image made from video showing burning items in underground train at the scene of an explosion in London Friday, Sept. 15, 2017. A reported explosion at a train station sent commuters stampeding in panic, injuring several people at the height of London's morning rush hour, and police said they were investigating it as a terrorist attack. (Sylvain Pennec via AP) Click to enlarge

This is an image made from video shows a burning suspected IED in an underground train at the scene of an explosion in London Friday, Sept. 15, 2017. Click to enlarge

As with all recent “terror attacks”, the more we learn about the Parsons Green bombing the more it looks like a staged event.
It now transpires that the suspect arrested in connection with Friday’s bombing is an “asylum seeker” who was actually being held by police two weeks ago.
The 18-year-old was being cared for by elderly foster parents who were both appointed MBEs for fostering hundreds of children. However, police who have raided their Sunbury-on-Thames home have reportedly found explosives in the garden and fifteen firearms under the floorboards.
Although there is no suggestion that the couple were complicit in any way with the bombing it raises questions. For example: did the police “find” the weapons and explosives when they raided the couple’s home? Or did they secrete them there during their investigations?
As with many recent “terror attacks” it’s beginning to look as if the whole episode has been scripted with an “asylum seeker” being used as a patsy. All of which is being staged in an effort to keep the public anxious and fearful. Ed.

Second man is arrested over Parsons Green attack after it is revealed police first held ‘bomber’ arrested yesterday at Dover TWO WEEKS AGO as officers ‘find 15 firearms and a bomb’ in home of MBE foster couple who took him in

Martin Robinson, Richard Spillet, Rory Tingle, Amie Gordon, Katie French, Stewart Paterson, Joe Sheppard and Scott Campbell — Mail Online Sept 17, 2017

A second man has been arrested in connection with the terror attack at Parsons Green.

The 21-year-old man was arrested in the London borough of Hounslow at around 11.50pm last night and has been taken to a south London police station.

It comes after it emerged another suspect, arrested yesterday, was a ‘problematic foster child’ who was allegedly detained two weeks ago near to where the attack took place before being freed.

Police are today searching a house four miles away, in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, after the 18-year-old, who could have been an asylum seeker, was detained in the port of Dover while apparently attempting to leave the country.

The arrests come after the Prime Minister announced the UK’s terror threat has been raised to critical as officials fear there could be copycat attacks following Friday’s bombing.

The lilac-painted property raided by police in connection with the attack, which injured 30, is owned by a kind-hearted couple who were both appointed MBEs for fostering hundreds of children.

Penelope Jones, 71, and her husband Ronald, 88, have raised 268 foster children in the house over three decades and the last eight have been refugees.

Officers stormed the home on Cavendish Road at 2 pm around six hours after apprehending the suspect in the departure lounge of the Port of Dover.

Around 60 people were evacuated from near the house, while unconfirmed reports suggested ‘explosives’ were found in the garden and ‘firearms’ seen under the floorboards.

Neighbour Carrie Hill, 38, said: ‘Police told me there was a bomb found in the garden and firearms hidden under the floorboards.’

There is no suggestion the Joneses had any knowledge of any alleged wrongdoing at the property.

Close friends of pensioners Penny and Ron Jones said the couple – who are widely respected in the local area – were at ‘their end’ with the teenager.

Serena Barber, 47, who has known the couple all her life and lives in a property backing onto theirs, said: ‘They have two boys at the moment, both are foreign. One is very quiet and polite, the other who is 18 is awful.

‘I know about two weeks ago he was arrested by police at Parsons Green, for what I don’t know and returned back to Penny and Ron. After that Penny said she was going to have to stop caring for him, she couldn’t handle him.’

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