David Kelly: conspiracy theories

Andy Bloxham – Telegraph.co.uk October 22, 2010

* Why did the detective who found Dr Kelly’s body not tell the Hutton Inquiry that there was a third man in a suit with him and his partner when the body was discovered?

* How did Dr Kelly cut his left wrist if, as friends said, he had previously damaged his right arm to such a degree that he struggled cutting steak?

* Why was the ulnar artery severed rather than the radial, which is how the cut would “naturally” have been made, from left to right, with the right hand?

* Why were there no fingerprints on the knife when Dr Kelly was not wearing gloves? Nor on the bottle from which he supposedly drank to swallow 29 painkillers?

* Why did the helicopter which passed over the scene with heat-seeking equipment not detect the body soon after death?

* Why was his body said to be in a different position from when it was first found to when it was first treated?

* Why did the head of the investigation into Dr Kelly’s death not give evidence to Hutton?

* Where are Dr Kelly’s computers?

* Why did Lord Hutton place a 70-year embargo on release of the post-mortem examination documents?
Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/8080569/David-Kelly-conspiracy-theories.html