Coming to a battlefield soon

Niall Firth – Daily Mail September 21, 2010

It looks like the cross between a small tank, a Segway and a skateboard.

But this odd-looking contraption is being touted as the next must-have vehicle for U.S. soldiers in warzones.

The DTV Shredder can handle any kind of terrain at high speed and its low centre of gravity ‘makes it ideal for reconnaissance, rescue/recovery, mobile surveillance, and medical evacuation operations’, it is claimed.

Created by Canadian technology firm BOG Werks, the DTV Shredder was presented as a ‘first response modular platform’ for soldiers at a Military Vehicles conference in Detroit last month.

It is unclear whether any U.S. Army representatives at the show were sufficiently impressed to buy any of the vehicles.

According to the manufacturer the DTV is customisable and its configuration can be adapted depending on how it being used. There is also an option for equipping it with machine-guns and other weapons to turn it into a formidable attack vehicle.

It can even operated remotely, allowing it to be sent on reconnaissance missions where it would be too dangerous to send soldiers.

It is powered by a Honda 200cc engine which generates just 15 horse power and is capable of travelling at more than 30mph, it is claimed.

It can travel up slopes of 40 degrees and has a turning radius of four feet.

It is even able to tow small trailers behind it and can carry a payload of up to 1200lb, including rider.

It was developed by Ben Gulak, a student at M.I.T, who is most famous for his invention the Uno motorbike, which had two wheels side by side.

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