Illuminati Sabotaged Police – Satanist Insider

From the mid-1940s, Australia and New Zealand were used as experimental testing grounds for social policy. Herb Evatt was heavily involved (but that was before my time). Anyway although I was out of Australia for much of the 1990s I was informed that Peter J. Ryan was recruited to become New South Wales Police Commissioner because of his British intelligence experience, contacts and so that he would destroy the New South Wales Police Force and that this was the template for such law enforcement destruction internationally.

Ryan effectively got rid of the best and brightest. Detectives and uniformed police with decades of experience under their belts were forced to leave and their ranks were filled with coppers in their twenties, with lots of book learning but no practical ability.

The physical standards of policing were lowered so that ethnic groups and women could join. Kids a few years out of high school became detectives. The new kids on the block had no training in the court system, in preparing or giving evidence or in much else, except the use of intimidating force. The use of such force alienated the general population even more than the corruption for which Australia’s police are renowned.

Then we organized for the mental asylums to be closed on the grounds that people who could not look after themselves should none the less be part of the community. The results were that coppers with no experience in dealing with the mentally ill could now use violence against the less fortunate, who had no say in where or how they lived anyway.

Then we helped change the law so that children could enforce their human rights with the result that the police get into more trouble dealing with minors than if they just turned a blind eye. The paperwork is incredible. Now the streets are full of angry, swearing, drug-addled, violent little delinquents who can’t be stopped – by anyone.

Then the Alpha Lodge got all police issued with tasers and the fun began. Rather than use methods that had worked for centuries, now the overworked and alienated police could torture and intimidate at will.

Police no longer knew how to earn the community’s respect and the sheeple hate them. They are revenue collectors. “Pigs” is the term used in Australia to describe uniformed shit-kickers. The Riot Squad is even used to control drunks.

When I came back to Australia in late 2000 law enforcement was in a mess and Ryan left a couple of years later. The agenda worked so well that it has been implemented in all western countries – the turn over of police is incredible. Many of the disillusioned and angry become security guards and continue their violence in a different uniform and in a private capacity.

The Alpha Lodge usually works in the background and was intimately involved in these developments. As we helped organize these changes we know how to rectify them. When The Usher of Desecration is known the people will accept our solutions. And The Usher is coming after the economic and currency collapse. Sit tight. Not long to go.