It’s Going To Rock Your World

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War is looming and might be only one week away. I say this to put it in perspective. It stands to reason that it will surely happen before the November elections, for a variety of reasons. We know its coming because the chief drumbeaters are lunatics, drunk on megalomania and other hormonally secreted drugs.

We see the image of Israel attacking Iran but I do not think we clearly see the implications of it and how it will change our lives in profound ways. The Straits of Hormuz will be shut down and the oil companies will make a large fortune from skyrocketing prices. It goes without saying that Israel will probably attack Lebanon and Syria at the same time. I get the oddest feeling that Russia, China, Turkey and Iran have been talking on the back porch. There are all kinds of interplay going on that we are not privy to. Georgia is going to get crushed if she makes the same stupid mistake again. I realize it is at the aggressor’s behest to close the tunnels.

I get the distinct feeling that if Israel could take any one thing back it would be this ruinous assault on Iran. As you can see, I am discussing it as a fait accompli but I realize nothing is certain. Like the rest of you I have a sort of world view in my head that has been formed from news reports, theories and whatever comes before my eyes. This world view is interesting because it’s not real. It’s projection. This is true for nearly all of us. I have begun to see very clearly that I have this construct in my head about how and sometimes, when; this or that is going to go down. But it’s not real. I simply do not know and I’m in the midst of clearing all of it out of my head because I am misinforming myself. I’m surprised I didn’t see it before, this big picture, like a jigsaw puzzle, imperfectly put together.

I’m noticing things inside and outside of me that I haven’t noticed before and which make up the consistency and content of my days. Digressing.

Well, that said, let me go back to what I was saying (grin). An attack on Iran will nearly immediately become something larger than we generally imagine. All sorts of predisposed positions will come about. There will be a fury and uproar around the world as Israel, in defiance of the needs of everyone around them across the globe, reduces the world to an angst-ridden state of need and in some cases, emergency. The interruption in the flow of oil will hit on all sorts of levels besides transportation and manufacturing. In the meantime, China and Russia have huge investments in Iran so you would think it logical that they have armed Iran in certain ways that may not be a matter of public discussion.

Another thing that will happen is that an attack will launch dozens and dozens of violent events in those places where the aggressors are invested. Iraq and Afghanistan will go wild. The madness this would visit on the American and British people can’t be calculated. It will be no time to be in the wrong city. For some reason I think of Phoenix and Chicago because of a number of Trifecta like possibilities. It won’t be LA or New York, not in any large way because of the obvious. This coming false flag- and they have to have one- is likely to be way past whatever happened on 9/11

I’ve been hearing about how many of the Israeli embassies are hot with nuclear tells. It’s possible they have things like this secreted in major cities around the world, which would explain a lot. Still, though I don’t know, isn’t it hard to conceal such a device if you can pick up the radiation; however they do it, in the embassies?

With this one event, the world will be turned upside down and stood on its head. There is no real or justifiable reason for it. It is the enormity of an ever growing hubris which says, “We can do anything we want, whenever we want to.” Hundreds of missiles are going to be flying through the air and even the deepest intelligence can miss certain things that might be hidden by an ally and then revealed in a moment of need. I get a strong feeling about this as I do about the 10th but I have been consistently wrong at this sort of thing.

Even those of us who are relatively free of the brainwashing, still have that mocked up world view in our heads. We don’t see the snowcapped mountains of Iran, her bustling cities and people engaging in all kinds of things; normal human pursuits. The sheer psychopathic audacity of launching an attack on one more nation after having instigated the last two ‘and’ the domestic terror event that made those wars possible, using the military of other countries to do it, is beyond outrageous. Furthermore, there’s no reason for this. I think Iran has already some nuclear capability from Russia or China and that it waits for the assault with intention to use it if it happens; when it happens.

It shocks me when I look right at it. It stuns me that cooler heads do not see the position that Israel is putting the entire world into. They have aptly named themselves as a mad dog. America’s military bases in the region will all come under attack. Suicidal war will flare in Georgia. There is no telling which way the dominoes will fall but fall they will; many, many dominoes.

With petrol quickly running out for non military uses, the trucks that bring food into the cities will be halted. Residents will panic and buy up everything in sight, which leaves empty stores and no clear idea of when transport resumes. I’m just speculating here but it seems possible. I once read a report that said if the power went off in New York City; half the residents would be dead in 3 days. That sounds absurd but they had a cogent argument for it and I’ve never forgotten it. Most of us have no idea how quickly and irreversibly things can change.

We move through our days, occupied with ordinary things, traveling to work and then back home, out to dinner or a club. It’s a surface operation beneath which lies this coming war, which we will feel vibrating in the Earth beneath our feet. The whole world will be affected. Russia and China have billions invested in Iran. There is no evidence whatsoever of nuclear weapon development. Extraordinary pressures are coming down on the members of the Security Council. How can they even conceive of this? What particular black magic does Israel possess to compel other countries to shoot themselves in the leg and then pay for the medical costs, while at the same time offering more money to Israel, in case we inconvenienced them with our self injury on their behalf?

Everyone is watching and waiting over there. Israel’s acceptance of an inquiry into the flotilla murders is very disturbing. They seldom if ever cooperate with such things. It’s as if they are assured it will not come to term because of… something else. They really do have that ubermensch thing going on. This doesn’t have to happen. I can only hope they get caught red handed in the act of this false flag they’re planning on. If they were caught by the right people in a very public way it would be of immense good for everyone. Unfortunately, for whatever the reason, their security companies guard a great many high risk facilities. Who would put them in charge of these things after what they have done, including 9/11 and The Liberty attacks?

I’m hoping some hidden hand comes forth and backslaps them into surprised amazement. There is something they are doing behind the scenes that accounts for their power to violate every tenant of human decency on a daily basis. I don’t know if it is economic, weapons related or reverse Kabala Boys playing with cosmic forces. Whatever it is it must be impressive or maybe its just that they were really good at insuring only the most corrupt politicians got into office, while compromising them with boys or girls during their de rigueur visit to the Unholy Land.

Sooner or later something is going to go horribly wrong for them. I can only hope it comes expeditiously and with a hammering that reverberates around the world. They need to be shocked senseless so that for years after they experience tiny shudders of nascent fear. Putting aside my world view mind canvas and looking directly at this situation, I find it very hard to believe that they are now intent on attacking a third country with the same lies they used to attack the last two. Across America their sympathizers are speaking and writing transparent lies that a dumbed down public swallows whole without mastication of any kind. Whenever and however, this event is going to rock your world.

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