Wondering What’s Going on Behind the Curtain

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I’ve been thinking about the things that have been going on and… knowing that the string pullers do all sorts of things to get the public moving in a particular direction and getting the public to believe certain things, I’ve been wondering and wondering and… wondering. I realize that there are some who might think my abilities to be rational, objective and deeply inquisitive might have been compromised but who knows what I’m really up to with all of that anyway?

One thing no one can doubt is the increasing presence of more and more officials with uniforms and weapons. There’s also been a major decrease in legislation that protects individual rights of movement and expression. There’s also been more and more evidence of provocateurs at major protests and… there have been increasing displays of local police abusing and injuring really old people. Why would they be attacking so many people in their 80’s and so many prepubescent children? Is it just the press that is calling attention to what might only be anomalies within a public composed of hundreds of millions of people in many locations?

I am hearing all kinds of things about The Gulf nightmare being an illusion; being worse than it appears to be, being so many things. I hear about hospitals filled with people suffering from all kinds of respiratory problems and then I hear nothing about it, depending on where I’ve got my ear turned. I purposely live in two particular locations where I don’t see much of anything that reflects the things I hear about and where I have the benefit of invisible and temporal protections. The former travels with me regardless and the latter is a matter of knowing where certain features are more likely to be present. The world is a place of pockets that have their own characteristics among the aggregate of everything happening somewhere at all times.

I keep being reminded that no one has ever taken control of the whole world at any time. I also have the words of Lao Tzu and others who say that it is never going to happen. I also have the benefit of ‘occult history’ which goes back much further than recorded history and which also shows the same thing.

I’m hearing about information concerning Dutroux and his child abuse ring surfacing among the papers of a Cardinal in the Catholic Church and breakdowns in fealty among the bad guys. Meanwhile, as Israel/Rothschild Crime Syndicate Nation acts more and more like the full bore psychopaths that they are; major strategic nations are breaking with long term arrangements and agreements to shift the balances of power in surprising directions. Turkey and Brazil are among two of the most economically successful nations on Earth. Others are also joining into a new coalition of the unwilling. Iran has got defensive measures in place that are not generally known and the cost of doing something stupid is giving pause to the intentions of those who are needed to make Israel’s dreams of power and plunder come true.

Because there are so many stories out there it becomes as hard for me to figure it out as it must be for the forces behind so many of the stories. I know by now that there is a lot of conflict in the ranks of those who are trying to run the table. There are a lot of things that don’t make sense. Consider chemtrails; doesn’t whatever is in these chemtrails fall on TBTB as much as they fall on anyone? Why would those versed in history and seeking to change history not know what invariably befalls people like them. Of course they do but… they are insane and doomed to fail and this leads me back to what I have long believed to begin with.

As I wonder and wonder, many things are eliminated from my considerations. The more I look at the whole scenario, the more it looks to me like TPTB are running scared and that is why there is such an effort being put into convincing the populace that there is so much military and domestic police presence available.

One of the things I noticed after 9/11 was the rise in the conservative mindset among the stupid and clueless. There was suddenly a huge population of right wingers using the term ‘libruls’ to be a catchall for the ‘enemy within’. 9/11 brought forth an army of mouth breathers who waved the flag and came together as a massive cheerleading section for every kind of evil behavior abroad, including torture factories for people arbitrarily chosen as terror agents, directed toward the destruction of all the good things in the west. They hate our freedoms is what it is.

Huge efforts are being made to corral the ordinary mind into believing that they need to be protected at the expense of previous freedoms, now gone missing. Demonstrations are being made all along The Gulf Coast, that long standing constitutional rights no longer exist. These things are done with no explanation at all and it seems that no matter what happens it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to the people affected. They stand around their boats and shops and beaches as their lives crash and all they can say is, “Well, that’s too bad, we’re ruined now” or “How come BP isn’t hiring us to clean up this mess that ruined our lives”? The important thing seems to be just to get some money out of the thing and not the thing itself.

I wonder about so many things; how things look and how they are and how they are could be almost anything. I keep getting the feeling that TBTB are aware of something that is completely out of the sight of everyone else. It’s something big but I don’t know what it is. You see where Goldman Sachs dumped two hundred and fifty million dollars worth of BP stock just before the well blew and Tony Hayward dumped his stock too.

There’s a massive effort now underway to compromise the internet, if not shut it off entirely. I don’t think that’s possible the way the thing is constructed and even the idea of shutting off particular sites makes no sense, given that one can constantly create new sites with very little trouble.

As I sort all of the thing I see and don’t see, along with what I feel, it seems increasingly clear that TPTB know all about the new age coming and also about what happens to the forces that get cleansed every time, because they are the least desired feature to be carried into the new age. I can see some effort being put into shell companies, so to speak, that will slip into the new age like marker cells. I note the sudden and ubiquitous appearance of formerly silent, or previously Zionist AshkeNazi interests turning up in opposition to their former selves as if they were the good guys trying to stop their former associates from bad behavior but mostly engaging in photo ops designed to show them as the good guys who went down to Mississippi to save the black man or any and every of the downtrodden that they always show up representing as if that were the primary concern of their self sacrificing lives.

I am definitely noticing the mutating of certain ‘genetically out for personal gain’ types as well as getting the sensation that any number of former cannibal rats are changing their outfits so that they can march into the new world with whoever makes it out of the old world. I could tell them how effective that’s going to be but that’s not my job at this particular moment.

What I’m trying to say is that everything we are seeing and hearing about might just be a distraction for those working to make themselves appear as if they were always the good guys, or just got noticed as the good guys or suddenly appeared out of the ranks of the victimized as the new voices of parity, honesty and positive change. It could be that they now know they are dealing with something that they can’t fight or manipulate and so they are rearranging their appearance and… all of what is happening is that the stage is being set to unveil then as being washed in the blood (irony alert).

As is typical for me in these short pieces, I didn’t explain myself very well and am reduced to working with innuendo and the like. It’s just that I’ve been noticing certain things and wondering if they might not very well know what’s coming because of certain communications recently presented by the living sun god as he makes his way into the prison world as liberator. Since I got told any number of times about how he was going to show up in the middle of things, I am wondering just how much of that might have already happened; just me wondering.

I Love You

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