Common Core: Cabbalist Corruption of Culture

by Keoni Galt — Hawaiian Libertarian

(Abridged by Sept 12, 2015

Common core. click to enlarge

Common core. click to enlarge

One of first times I ever dipped my toes into the fever swamps of conspiritard-land on teh Interwebz, was from reading the writings of Nancy Levant, Joan Veon, Alan Stang and a number of other columnists and authors over at NewsWithViews. That was my first encounter with what I thought was the most ludicrous idea I had ever encountered: that the end goal of the NWO and the system of public education in the USA Inc., was to comfortably merge the USA and the USSR.
Almost a decade later, I now consider it a core truth of our Brave New World Order. The merging of all nations into our present dystopia proceeds apace!
There’s a damn good reason I’ve really minimized my online time and blogging here these past few months…for I’ve come to the realization that all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated…has to be put into action … to create an oasis of sanity in a desert of lunacy for my offspring.

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