The United Nations, Egalitariansim and the One World Government?

Paul Powers — Nov 8, 2019

The United Nations (UN) publishes an annual Human Development Report (HDR) of nations with the highest and lowest standards of living. It looks as if this years recenlty released report is a reasonably accurate assessment. European countries make up the top 20 countries on this list (with a few exceptions) and countries of Sub Saharan (black) Africa represent the bottom 20 countries (also with a few exceptions).
A year ago it was revealed that the European Union (EU) intends to bring 50 million Africans into Europe. Why do the want to do this? Part of the explanation lies in the concept known as egalitarianism. Essentially this is a belief system that requires everyone to be equal no matter what. This is of course purely ultra liberal ideology. People like Karl Marx and Martin Luther King are poster boys for this demented way of thinking.
Certainly no can argue that if the EU gets its way they will have gone a very long way in bridging the “gap” between Europe and Africa. Egalitarians wish for a day when HDR rankings are no longer needed. A day when there will be no difference in the standard of living between the number one country (Norway) and the bottom country (Niger).
Egalitarianism like most other “isms” (communism, socialism, fascism, etc) are a means to end. The end being a One World Government. The EU is not an “ism” but is very much a tool of the One World Government. For example, if there was no EU things like proposing to bringing 50 million black Africans to Europe simply could not be possible. What politician in any one country in Europe would say we need Nigerians, Ethiopians, and Ugandans to come make Ireland, Iceland or Italy, a stronger and better country. Try running for parliament, prime minister, or even dog catcher with that agenda.
However, the EU as a nameless and faceless entity is the perfect catalyst to implement such far reaching evil. The EU is controlled by Freemasons who are in turn controlled by the Illuminati who are in turn controlled by the Committee of 300. Only secret societies have the will and means to turn this type of nightmare into a reality. They have used gradualism for the last forty years. Now they are beginning to manifest their true intentions. The 50 million figure is just a start. If 550 million were feasable that would have been the initial target. It’s going to take a staggering number of African and Asian immigrants to make every city in Europe look like London.

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