Abortionist’s Killer “Highly Intelligent, Sensitive” – Roommate

(This letter is written by Kamran, Scott Roeder’s roommate. Kamran is a reader and contributor to this site. He works in the mortgage industry and drove a cab, reporting to us as “Kansas City Cabby.”)

Dear Henry

As promised I am sending you the information about my friend and now my former roommate Scott Roeder who is the alleged shooter of [George Tiller] the Wichita Kansas abortion doctor currently in the custody at Sedgewick County Detention Facility. I have shared this account with FBI, ATF and Federal Marshals on five occasions.

I met Scott in the church community between 8 to 10 years ago, and we would run into each other from time to time in different meetings. Scott is about 6ft 2in tall, very friendly, polite and highly intelligent. This is what one friend wrote me in an email about Scott, “Ditto on what you wrote to me on your message of the 18th, it has me baffled. Knowing the little that I knew about Scott is that he came across as a very friendly and approachable person. Highly intelligent and sensitive individual.”

About two years ago my roommate was an attorney friend who had been through a divorce. We started having bible study and prayer meetings. Later Scott began attending our group… He told me that he had attended Militia meetings in the past and that he was devoted to the cause of pro-life and he worked as a street counselor to girls and women who were walking into abortion clinics.

I once visited with him while he passed out literature at a Kansas City Kansas abortion clinic. I saw a great compassion in Scott, who lovingly approached the young women and spoke a few words to them and asked them to reconsider and consider adoption. The adoption and counseling clinic was just across the street, giving women a viable alternative.


Approximately 3-4 months ago, my roommate moved out of the apartment and I invited Scott to move in. Everything was normal and we resumed the Bible study and had between 4-8 people attending each Saturday which is the Sabbath. Scott and I both keep the Sabbath because it is the Fourth Commandment of the Ten and it amazes me how so many people say that they believe all Ten Commandments, yet the commandment to “remember the Sabbath to keep it holy.” …

Of course the media and government were automatically assuming that we were a cult and with their questions and statements they were very subtly making us look like a cult, which we are not.

Attendance in our bible study has always been voluntary and we never collect an offering. Instead we encourage people to give their offerings to believers who have basic needs like food, rent, transportation etc.. We are against the non-profit 501C3 status for churches, we speak openly in exposing the plague of secret societies and their evil New World Order world vision.

We study the scriptures and love Jesus (Hebrew name is Jahshua) and hate evil in every form including abortion. We believe that these are the end times and the coming of Jesus is near and imminent. We discuss subjects subjects ranging from the coming economic collapse, to FEMA camps prepared to enslave Americans, to the pollution in the food, air, water which is weakening and destroying humanity.


Scott and I discussed a wide range of topics, and at no time did I or any member of our group suspect that Scott would shoot and kill an abortion doctor. In hindsight, however, I do recall several conversations that now lead me to believe that he was making plans to gun down Dr. Tiller.

In one conversation about 2 months ago he asked my views on those who kill abortion doctors, to which I responded that even though I am against abortion and believe that abortion doctors are murderers, I do not condone such action because we are not living in a Mosaic society where capital punishment is carried out against murderers who have stood trial.

In fact, we live in a Greco-Roman pagan society where we have a secular governments which allows the murder of the unborn. Only God can and will deal with these authorities. I further told Scott that those who carry out vigilante acts against abortion doctors should be prepared to throw their lives away by spending the rest of their days in a prison cell or receive the lethal injection.

On another occasion Scott mentioned Dr. Tiller and how he had made millions of dollars off the blood of the 60,000+ babies he has aborted. This conversation took place when the Supreme Court found Dr. Tiller not guilty just about 2 months ago. Scott said that the system is a sham, which I seconded with a hearty amen.

Approximately 6 weeks ago, Scott spoke to me about looking for a pistol and I asked him about his motives. He responded by saying, “self defense”. I did not sense any concern knowing that people have the Second Amendment right to bear arms and to defend themselves.


As it turned out, I was wrong and Scott was planning on allegedly taking out Dr. Tiller. Scott told me that he was going to Topeka to visit his mom and family and he left on Saturday morning . On Sunday afternoon about 4:15pm, I was napping before going to work when I heard a knock at my backdoor. I went to the door and when I opened two men showed me their badges. One was with local police and one with ATF.

I invited them in and one of them immediately went over and opened the front door and let into my apartment an FBI agent and they began to ask me about my knowledge of Scott, and details about his life such as to whether he is a homosexual or a cult member.

I wanted to know what had happened. They responded with a tight lip, by saying that Scott had been arrested this morning 3 hours away from Wichita, on his way back to Kansas City after allegedly shooting Dr. Tiller.

I was quite stunned by this news. I knew that I was also being investigated by the FBI, now that my friend and roommate had shot a visible crusader for abortion. Let us not forget that since the Supreme Court case, Roe versus Wade, which made abortion legal a generation ago, more than 60 million babies and their descendants have been killed off in the U.S. alone. This was done with the aid of money borrowed by the US government from the central bankers, putting the true casualties at well over 200 million.

In other words, the central banker-owned government of the United States of America has slaughtered over 200 million of it’s most innocent citizens in one generation and continues to carry carry the hypocritical flag of human rights around the world.


The FBI finally allowed me to go to work one-hour late. I walked through an army of about 20 agents who were standing at my front door. FBI called me that night and said that because I had bought my car from Scott, they had to tow it as evidence. But they offered me a ride anywhere in Kansas City after work.

I finished my shift that night and two FBI agents were waiting for me outside to take me to my uncle’s house in south Kansas City 30 miles away. Throughout the trip I sensed that both of them where sizing me up and profiling me. I reminded them that the US is designed by it’s founders to be a Constitutional Republic but that this model has eroded into only a veneer which is quickly being replaced by a Stalinist type government.

I put them on notice that they will have to choose to either side with their countrymen or with the bankers New World Order government to spy on and kill off their countrymen. I further exhorted them to please let the people know which side they are on so that the people will know whether to treat them as friend or foe.

I also felt compelled to remind them of massive human rights violations and genocide in the US, just in case they thought that a baby is only a glob of tissue and overlooked the abortion holocaust of over 200 million souls in one generation.

The FBI agent who was driving was Black, so I reminded them both that the US government has carried out crimes against the American Indians and Blacks. These crimes include lynching, segregation, Jim Crow laws, discrimination in all strata of society, fire bombing of whole black neighborhoods in the South and the list goes on the on.

I did not even mention crimes against other non-Americans such as the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and detention camps like Manzanar for the Japanese Americans on par with Guantanamo Bay camp today.

So I basically told them to get off their phony fascist moral high ground, and repent for their own sins, their father’s sins and the sins that their nation is committing to this day against humanity, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Amazingly their demeanor changed for the better and they began to treat me like a real human being, and they dropped me off on a good note.


The next morning and the following days were the shock and awe of the reality setting in my mind. I felt like going through a maze, and met with FBI and the US Marshals four more times. They wanted to know if there was a conspiracy and wanted me to turn over the names of everyone Scott knew, and they asked every question on five occasions, five different ways to get the answers they wanted.

I also noticed that were trying to get into my head by continuously asking me if I had slept well, which initially I was not but as things began to calm down I was sleeping well. But they still kept on asking me if I was sleeping well and eventually they came out and said, “is your conscience bothering you.” I replied “why should it? I didn’t pull the trigger, nor did I conspire in Dr. Tiller’s killing”.

The FBI finally released my car after 2 days and returned my computers just a few days ago, and my life has returned to almost normal. I sometimes see myself as Forrest Gump finding myself in the middle of major fire storms and with God’s grace coming out stronger.

As I have reflected and prayed over this experience I continue to get perspective… Scott is a decent human being with an intellect and understanding far above the Department of Justice individuals investigating him and the banker-owned government who may possibly seek the death penalty if jurisdiction is transferred to the Federal government.

Scott has an unwavering faith in Jesus and lives his life according to the Scriptures. I know for a fact that God will give him far more leniency than man. Scott also loves his family and friends deeply and is a responsible individual even though he has not been perfect just as none of us have been.

Ultimately Scott will pay in this life for what he has allegedly done, as we all do. I have not spoken to Scott since this incident but have heard from him through friends he calls from the prison. He complains about prison food and has asked friends to help him with some pocket money so he can buy food from the vending machine. If anyone wants to write to him he can be reached at the following address:

Sedgewick County Detention Facility C/O Scott Roeder
141 W. Elm
Wichita, KS. 67203


I do not condone violence against abortion doctors or any group, and I will not exercise my Second Amendment rights except to defend myself and or my fellowman from harm. I know that abortion doctors and those who practice evil will reap evil in this life for their evil deeds, and no amount of money they make can compensate for the emotional hell they are in.

I have concluded that leaving the vengeance to God is a much better alternative than to carry out vigilante justice on our own. Those who carry out vigilante justice must remember that they are not only affecting their own lives, but the lives of those around them.

I am not however in any way suggesting that just causes are not worth sacrificing for. However one must not sacrifice relationships and a life built over many years to further any cause no matter how noble the cause.

Having said that I must add that Jesus and his apostles did not suffer imprisonment and death because of vigilante justice. Instead they sacrificed their lives, in order to bring the message of truth so that others could live a life of true prosperity and freedom in God.

I dare to say that the small remnant of freedom and democracy we enjoy in the Western nations today is because of what Jesus and later His followers did in laying down their lives. If you don’t believe me please travel to Iran which is my county of birth and speak to their version of FBI as I did to FBI here in Kansas City and see if you will live see another day.

I hope and pray and know that all this is not in vain and God will accomplish His will in the hearts and lives of those whom He loves and those who have been affected by these events.