Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans

Private Security and Mercenary Companies Patrol New Orleans

Reaping the profits of a humanitarian disaster

Hurricane Katrina and holocaust: Slow response or deliberate extermination?

To say that the Bush administration mishandled relief efforts in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, is an understatement. It also misses the point, writes Larry Chin

Blackwater Mercenaries: Coming Soon To Your Town

Has The Bush cartel Ordered FEMA and/or Blackwater Mercenaries to Destroy Evidence of Katrina Casualties?

Over the last few days I have been carefully monitoring news outlets for any fires that suspiciously break out, especially at night in New Orleans. I find it ostensibly strange that virtually none are being reported. Regardless, I am tracking this for good reason. Armed with the truth of how corrupt the Bush regime truly […]

Mass Murder By Drowning

An unexplained crack appeared in the New Orleans levee but FEMA decided not to plug it, allowing the breach to widen and inundate New Orleans

The New Orleans hostage crisis

Michael Brown may be an incompetent stooge but when he refused to release supplies, National Guard troops and then ordered the Superdome locked and checkpoints set up along the roads leading out of New Orleans to turn back anyone trying to escape, he

In the mirror of the water

New Orleans as a portrait of ourselves and our future

3 Duke students tell of ‘disgraceful’ scene

A trio of University sophomores have further highlighted the Bush administrations inadequate response to the New Orleans flooding by revealing that, incensed by what they had seen on TV, they had driven to the city`s Convention Center to aid the needy.

Lessons from Hell

I do not believe, although the metaphor is tempting, that George Bush is Nero, for Nero, despite utter corruptness, actually had some intelligence

How New Orleans Was Lost

Everything has its price and the US occupation of Iraq costs more than the casualty lists tell. According to a former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury, the destruction of New Orleans is directly attributable to the invasion of Iraq

Ethnic Cleansing II

There was simply too much active sabotage of relief efforts in New Orleans to blame it all on FEMA incompetence. It looks increasingly like someone had a plan to ethnically cleanse New Orleans using the guise of a natural disaster to provide cover

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Last year, the reported that because of Bush administration policy changes, some FEMA insiders feared that concerns over terrorism were trumping protection from hurricanes and other natural hazards. Seems like they were right

Provocateur forces in New Orleans? The case builds

Reports are coming in from webloggers in New Orleans that covert military operations seem to be underway amidst the devastation. Could this be why rescue helicopters are reportedly being fired on, could agent provocateurs be at work?

Met by Despair, Not Violence

As they begin to patrol the chaotic city, troops are surprised by what they don’t find

Public good, and the economics of disaster

They had about a week to shore up the levees, evacuate the poor, and prepare for disaster management. But disaster is another opportunity to make money, while trying to stop disaster is just a drain on public finances. Which explains why nothing was done

Homeland Security won’t let Red Cross deliver food

The Department of Homeland Security now says that New orleans is too dangerous for the Red Cross to deliver aid there

David Irving on the New Orleans Floods

If ever God sat at his laptop and his finger hovered over the key marked SMITE, it seems to have happened two days ago with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans

New Orleans: Destroyed by Presidential Negligence

It was a disaster waiting to happen after funds earmarked for drainage canals, flood-proofing and pumping stations was shifted to homeland security and the war in Iraq. Now large parts of the city may have to be permanently abandoned.

Rapes, killings hit Katrina refugees in New Orleans

Refugees from New Orleans tell of a wave of horrific crimes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. But not committed by thugs and criminals, as one would expect, but by the very people the refugees thought would protect them

New Orleans: The Strategy for World Government

New Orleans: The Strategy for World Government

Make no mistake, New Orleans may look like something from the third world but that’s the intention. For it was nothing more than a proving ground, a test bed for the imposition of martial law across America