Jewish Genius

Jewish Genius

In 1944, Einstein wrote a letter in which he urged that a collective punishment be imposed on the German people

Jack London?

Jack London?

Almost forgotten now, Jack London was a US version of George Orwell who chronicled life: from prison to being a prospector in the Klondike and a hobo London’s East End

Vietnam Net Dang Van Hoa with friends in Angola.

Promised Land Angola

In the West, there is a campaign against nature and the natural order. If it continues, Whites will have a darker future than the yellow, brown or even black universe

Quotidian Sweat

Quotidian Sweat

Typed during a break at a plastic recycling plant in Vietnam, Linh Dinh writes, the lower you’re on the ladder, the more buttocks you see above you

Escape from America: Dumaguete City, Philippines

Escape from America: Dumaguete City, Philippines

Linh Dinh talks to an expatriate Canadian about the benefits and pitfalls of life in the Philippines

Irresistible California

Irresistible California

In Saigon, you can’t walk a block without seeing an English language school, and sometimes several, with each showing a smiling white teacher on their poster

Philadelphia 2012. Click to enlarge

Christian to Death

In the West, the concept of race replacement is routinely mocked as racist paranoia, but entire neighborhoods or even cities have been racially replaced.

Aeon mall in Saigon 2019. Click to enlarge

Selling Whiteness

As the brick and mortar US is increasingly looted, dismantled or even burnt down, its mythic version will survive, in tiny bits, across the globe, until that, too, fades away

Walled Communities, Shopping Fortresses and Free Fire Zones

Walled Communities, Shopping Fortresses and Free Fire Zones

Its infrastructure duct taped and its global prestige splattered with innocent blood and relentless mendacity, Linh Dinh reflects on a decomposing America

Democratic National Convention 2012. Click to enlarge

Pornographic Democracy

Inside the Beltway may be a swamp, but it’s a gilded one, designed for the most arrogant and smug. Outside, the quicksand ocean keeps on devouring

End of the World vs. Center of the Universe

End of the World vs. Center of the Universe

Until now, Americans have watched with indifference or excitement the little people everywhere being blown up in their name. Soon enough, it will be American’s turn.

Ea Kly 2019

Surviving Vietnam, Listing America and Jeffrey Epstein’s Bestest Friends

I enjoyed Saigon while there, but as soon as I left its KFC and Eon Shopping Mall sophistication, I felt lighter and freer

My grandma's old house in Saigon in 2019. Click to enlarge

Rootless Provincials

Linh Dinh revisits his grandmother’s house in Saigon, where he had lived before being airlifted out

Popeyes in Saigon 2019. Click to enlarge

Mashed Potato and Another War for Israel

Linh Dinh reflects on comfort food and the masters of inversion

Plastic Recycling and Jousting Jews

Plastic Recycling and Jousting Jews

The Nazis’ racism was but a mirror and fleeting offshoot of Jewish racial supremacy, which endures to wreak havoc on humanity, with Jews themselves among its victims

Saigon 2018

American Echoes

I’ve spent 13 of the last 17 months outside the USA, writes Linh Dinh, and have no plan or wish to return.

Reading Malaysia

Reading Malaysia

Linh Dinh stops off in Malaysia where he reflects on the local history and the architecture

Border crossing at Juarez 2012. Click to enlarge

Escape from America: Mexico

Linh Dinh talks to a young Mexican who lived in the U.S. as an illegal migrant since he was a baby, but who now wants to return to the land of his birth

Ea Kly 2019. Click to enlarge

Frontiersmen vs. Wusses

Linh Dinh reports from Vietnam’s Central Highlands, from where he reflects on the delights of a local delicacy, dogmeat

Hong Kong 2017

America as Religion

America’s most enduring export has been its image. The farther you are from the US, the more mythical it becomes, it seduces everyone into worshipping its self-portrait.