Bad Medicine (Part One)

Shapeshifting is as American as Cowboys and Indians, a living culture which is indiginous to the United States, and in particular to the western lands which have seen so much bad medicine of late, from Los Almos to Jack Parsons and UFOs

My baby needs a shepherd

As of two weeks ago, there were still 6,644 missing and unaccounted for from Hurricane Katrina, nearly 700 of them children. Like Tia Frazier, left, last seen leaving Houston Astodome with a much older man in a white 4-door Cadillac sedan

“And your little dog, too”

Through a combination of trauma and repitition, Rigorous Intuition explains how different and often extremely dangerous alternate personalities are imprinted into the psyche of young minds, like words onto a blank page

What about Bob?

Perpetuating the myth of Woodward and Bernstein was fine by all sides. Americans in their waking dream-state could console themselves by their example, that if things got really bad, then they would be told. Of course they wouldn’t be but that’s the trick

In the Colosseum

Many people have done much crying for America. But I’m just wondering, writes Rigorous Intuition, what comes after after that?

The Left, the Right and the Wrong

The US State Department recently posted a resource tool for journalists entitled “How to Identify Misinformation.” First and foremost among the distinguishing features, says the State Dept.: “Does the story fit the pattern of a conspiracy theory?”

It’s All in Your Mind

Whether it’s UFOs and entity encounters or ritual abuse and mind control – or, more often than not, both – the trustees of convention prefer to keep things abstract and well-tended with ridicule

Phantoms, Daemons and Finders

In the 80’s and early 90’s, as awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse grew, reports surfaced of clowns and social workers terrorising children across the US and in the UK. Was this an effort to undermine the growing understanding of Satanic Ritual abuse?

“The Birth Pangs of a New Order”

CNN gave fundamentalist cleric Pat Robertson time over the weekend to suggest, with relish, that with the greater frequency and intensity of natural disasters we are witnessing the “birth pangs of a new order”

Bill Bennett and the Great White Brotherhood

There may be more to Bill Bennet’s inflammatory remarks about abortion, than is first apparent. Rigorous Intuition looks at how he was depicted in Cathy O’Brien’s Transformation of America for clues on the convergence of racism and the occult

The Annotated ‘German Guy’

Photos, links and background to reports from the former Bundesnachrichtendienst member on a possible staged nuclear strike on Houston, Atlanta or Dallas

The boy who cried Wolfowitz

With Houston unscathed, Jeff Wells offers some thoughts on the origins of reports that Houston was due to be nuked. And the purpose


Satanic ritual abuse is no myth concluded a UK government report in 2000. It’s widespread and yet, despite finding that: “Some children are born for the purpose of abuse and are not registered on birth certificates,” its findings have been all but ignored

What Do Kids Know?

Some of those convicted of child abuse may be carrying the can for others, possibly many others, who go unnoticed. Leaving whole networks of abusers, many of them outwardly ‘respectable’, to carry on exploiting the innocent for their own satanic purposes

Catastrophic Success

Since 2003, Washington has been diverting funds intended for the repair of the New Orleans’ levee system and pouring them into the war in Iraq. Now, with its levee breached, New Orleans is paying the price for its contribution to the War on Terror

Army Times: “Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans”

According to Brig. Gen. Gary Jones, commander of the Louisiana National Guard’s Joint Task Force in New Orleans: “This place is going to look like Little Somalia”

The Fortune in Men’s Eyes

From ancient Rome to Ming dynasty China, rampant homosexuality has become the hallmark of civilizations in terminal decline. Now it’s increasingly evident in Bush’s America with rumours about Gannon and now Bush’s surprise nominee for Chief Justice

It doesn’t take a weatherman

Nearly a year ago I asked, “If the United States military is determined to ‘own the weather,’ what would the test of an environmental weapons system look like?” Well, the answer may be found in anomolies that appear in the radar image of Hurricane Rita

“You Can’t Go Home Again”

Was the Remote Viewing program shutdown and thoroughly debunked because it was getting too close to the secrets of the military-occult complex? Whatever the answer, it may have been so successful that it was never shutdown, only more deeply concealed