Know your real enemies, and act

The collapse of the case against 18 alleged “Islamic terrorists” in Toronto should remind us of the real agenda behind the “War on Terror” and in whose interests it is really being waged

The twisted world in which we live

It is truly a twisted world we live in, where bombing civilians from the air, or keeping people in cages while cutting off food and energy, is perfectly fine, not even worth noticing, but complaining about it is called bigotry

Hersh on the Israeli attack on Syria

Talking to senior U.S. Intelligence officers, Seymour Hersch revealed that the recent Israeli air strike into Syria was intended to send a warning to Tehran. More indications that Israel is ready to go it alone and strike Iran

Funny pictures, funny research

How Alan Dershowitz, celebrity attorney and rabid Zionist, conducts his research according to his research assistants

the american establishmentS

The United States hasn’t just one Establishment but two

Zionist Plans for the Middle East

Everything that we see going on in Iraq today has to be seen in the light of the long-standing Zionist plans for the Middle East. As proof Xymphora quotes from ‘A Strategy for Israel…’ written in 1982 by Oded Yinon

Berg Execution Video is a Composite

The idea that the Berg execution video is a clever combination of two videos, explains much of the mystery surrounding it

It’s not that difficult to understand

Why the U.S. led invasion of Iraq was NOT about oil

Quotes from Zionists

Some choice quotes reveal the real mentality behind Zionism

How not to run a prison system

The elite would like to turn the whole world into a prison camp. With that in mind, some cautionary facts and figures about the American prison system and its inmates

Noamian howlers

The cleverest thing about Chomsky is that he manages to appear seemingly ‘progressive’ while studiously leading the reader away from the truth and providing the basis, by implication, for attacks on enemies of the Zionists. He really is a genius

The Zionist Power Configuration

The apparently ‘radical’ slogans against the oil industry by some leading intellectual critics of the (Iraq) war has served as a ‘cover’ to avoid the much more challenging task of taking on the powerful, Zionist lobby

A university run by the Lobby

How the pro-Israeli lobby controls U.S. educational appointments and thereby shapes the way Americans perceive things

American Cars: Made in China

The American automobile industry is about to die, writes Xymphora, with U.S. manufacturers becoming no more than design houses and brand names while the actual manufacture of vehicles will be done in China

Neocon update

The Zionist tail continues to wag the American conservative dog


Is Dick Cheney being blackmailed?

On a Learjet to Hell

As Jerry Falwell heads down to meet his boss, don’t forget that he is largely responsible for much of the mess in the Middle East caused by the Zionist infiltration of American politics


Looks like Israel is eyeing up the possibility of acquiring the state-of-the-art F-22 Raptor, writes Xymphora; courtesy the American taxpayer, of course

The general behind the curtain

The Washington Post story about the manufacture of “Explosively Formed Penetrators” (EFPs) in Iraq, which was rewritten, to imply that they originated in Iran is an example of how elements in the media are now working at the behest of the Pentagon


The Washington Post is caught reporting on a factory that produced ‘explosively formed penetrators’ (EFPs) in Iraq. These are the deadly new explosives said to be coming from Iran. Which is why the paragraph is suddenly rewritten