We Are The Problem

George Bush is a master of deceit, or at least self-deceit, writes Charley Reese. As he sees a warlord-ruled, heroin-supplying Afghanistan as a triumph of democracy even though the president is holed up in a fortified palace surrounded by foriegn guards

A War We Can’t Win

Regarding the situation currently unfolding in Iraq, Charley Reese writes: It would profit us to think about how the Vietnamese communists managed to win the war while losing every battle

Woman Charged In Swastika Graffiti Spree

Yet another “hate crime” turns out to be a hoax

No Palestinian State, No Peace for America

It is time for Americans to recognize that Israel’s interests are in direct conflict with America’s interests, writes Charley Reese

AIPAC’s Power, or America’s Cowardice?

American politicians and much of the media seem to be terrified by the Israeli lobby, which says more about their cowardice than it does about the power of the lobby itself

Inept President, Craven Congress

If you want to win in the ‘War Against Terror’, you not only have to kill the terrorists, you have to have to correct the situation that made them resort to terror in the first place, writes Charley Reese

Kipling’s Back

Charley Reese on why a Victorian writer who once extolled the virtues of Empire, is more pertinent now than ever before

Islamic Democrats

In Afghanistan, the Taliban came to power as reformers, driving out the warlords, who were corrupt and brutal. We, of course, have brought the warlords back to power, and Afghanistan is now once again one of the world’s greatest sources for opium

Knowledge Is The Key

The most frustrating type of person to deal with is the militantly ignorant. I say “militantly” ignorant because we are all ignorant of some subjects. There is too much knowledge for one person to absorb, but the difference between the intelligent person and the ignoramus is that the intelligent person remains open to learning. The […]

The Greatest Civic Sin

Monday October 14 2002 There is a certain poem by Rudyard Kipling. I can’t quote it exactly, but the relevant two lines are something like “When they ask why they died, tell them it was because their fathers lied.”* Kipling’s son died on his 18th birthday in World War I. I believe the bitter little […]

The Principles of Control

The difference between true education and vocational training has been cleverly blurred. Here are a few tips on how smart people can control other people. If any of this rings a bell – Well, then wake up! The first principle of people control is not to let them know you are controlling them. If people […]

Ambivalence Of War

In these Orwellian times, governments and corporations go to extraordinary lengths to disguise reality.

End Self-Delusion

The United States is without a doubt the most self-deluded nation on Earth, writes Charley Reese, and that nest of liars who occupy Washington work full time to maintain the delusions

War Propaganda

No American should ever kill or die except in defense of this country, writes Charley Reese. And no corporation should be allowed to make a profit off the blood of American soldiers

US Complicity in Israel’s Misdeeds

The murder of Hamas’ spiritual leader, Sheik Yassin, makes perfect sense as long as you understand Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s strategy, writes Charley Reese.

A Cynical Manipulation

Following President Bush’s hour-long interview with NBC’s Tim Russert, we can now state conclusively that President Bush deliberately misled the American people and continues to do so

China Made

What the powers that be have done is in effect create a hallucinatory drug concocted of cheap imports and ideology to make the American people think that they are more prosperous than they really are

Murder Inc.

The truth is that war and occupation are a dirty business, and they contaminate everything and everybody involved. There are no good wars, and there are no good guys on either side. All you have are degrees of evil

Occupation Is a Lose-Lose Proposition

As long as the Iraqis can kill one or two Americans and Iraqi collaborators now and then, they will be “winning.” The Viet Cong could not defeat the US military either, but you see who left and who stayed

Baghdad George

Charley Reese reflects on the growing mess in Iraq, and exactly how President Bush handling it