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China Starts To Make A Power Move Against The U.S. Dollar

China accumulating vast gold reserves as it prepares to dump the U.S. dollar

The golem was a mythical monster, created by a rabbi in Prague, to protect the Jews from anti-Semitic attacks

Big Jewry Must Be Stopped, by Arch Stanton

The world is ruled by dangerous criminal syndicate. Unless we can break free from the toils of this evil influence, we can expect disaster

Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir. Click to enlarge

Report: New FSA Commander Trained in Israel

Although we can’t confirm this report it fits in with Western efforts to bring about ‘regime change’ in Damascus

Terrorist Groups in Syria Treat over 700 of Their Injured in Israeli Hospital

Jerusalem based Al Manar reports that Israel has set up a field hospital in the Golan Heights to treat wounded Syrian militants

The Myth of Nicotine Addiction (Encore)

The Myth of Nicotine Addiction (Encore)

“Governments, pharmaceutical companies,’big tobacco’, are all in cahoots to make people think smoking is addictive, and quitting is difficult. Neither is true.” Nicotine addiction is mostly in the mind

Ageless Wisdom ... and Everything Else

Ageless Wisdom … and Everything Else

They have this saying in ageless wisdom that is a little like “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. It has to do with being prepared to make mistakes rather than not engage at all. You can’t learn anything otherwise

Ukraine’s future is tied up with Syria’s – and Vladimir Putin is crucial to both

No one in the Middle East will be studying Ukraine’s violent tragedy with more fascination – and deeper concern – than President Bashar al-Assad of Syria

Mossad agent Ben Zygier His suicide in an Israeli prison was concealed by a gag order. Click to enlarge

‘Prisoner X’ leaked Mossad intelligence to Iranian businessman, new book claims

An Australian-born Mossad agent, who died in an Israeli prison, had been leaking intelligence about Israel’s espionage operations against Iran, a new book claims

Retired Cop and Educator Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook Investigation

Questioning what REALLY HAPPENED at Sandy Hook can bring threats and intimidating visits from State Troopers

Disney’s “Shutterbug Time” Video Indoctrinates Children to Embrace Government Spying

Disney’s “Shutterbug Time” Video Indoctrinates Children to Embrace Government Spying

Targeted at 3 to 10-year-olds the object seems be to persuade them that surveillance is normal at an early age

They dominate the government and have usurped the opposition

School Safety Expert: “I don’t believe any children were killed at Sandy Hook”. Includes video

The Prince and the Paedophile, Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles. Click to enlarge

An Invisible Cancer Gnaws at Society

Hiding behind the mask of secularism, satanism is the secret religion of the modern world. Bill’s account of sexual abuse as a child is another sobering reminder of society’s satanic possession.

Hagel again misstates administration policy on Iran nukes

Semantic slip-up or a subtle shift in position over Iran’s nuclear program?

US Congressional officials say the idea of using drones in Syria is becoming popular in Washington. Click to enlarge

US eyeing drone strikes in Syria

Officials say the idea of launching drone strikes in Syria is gaining ground in the U.S. Congress

The Second Coming and the Emerald Tablet of Trismegistus

The Second Coming and the Emerald Tablet of Trismegistus

I’ll probably catch it for my cavalier disregard for a particular, mysterious area of scientific apparati, if certain apparatchiks see this (grin) but…

China training for ‘short, sharp war’ against Japan

Director of intelligence for the US Pacific Fleet says Beijing’s military exercises designed to invade and gain control of the disputed Senkaku islands

US contemplates sanctions against Israel boycotters

U.S. lawmakers introduce bill that would deny funding to academic institutions boycotting Israel

African asylum seekers and refugees at Holot Detention Center Feb 17, 2014. Click to enlarge

Israel secretly flying asylum seekers to Uganda

With cash inducements to leave Israel

Ukraine president says deal reached with opposition, France urges caution

Fragile truce after Ukraine’s worst day of violence. As most corporate media reports, like this one, overlook covert Western involvement and support for Ukraine’s far-right extremists

Exposed: Ukrainian 'Protesters' Backed by Kony 2012-Style Scam

Exposed: Ukrainian ‘Protesters’ Backed by Kony 2012-Style Scam

Protesters backed by viral video “inspired” by Larry David, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations linked to the CIA-backed National Endowment for Democracy