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Genepax, a Japanese car that can drive for 50 kilometres in an hour on a litre of water

Water-Powered Cars & Inventors Killed

If you control the energy and the technology, you control the people

5 Signs the Rich Have Way Too Much Money

This isn’t about the rich or even the comfortably well-off. It’s about the obscenely wealthy who pay $500 for a milkshake and $5,000 for a hamburger. Finishing them off with a $95,000 truffle!!

The Quiet Revolution Rolls Forward

The Quiet Revolution Rolls Forward

The Frankfurt School wanted total control of humanity. The targets, which they named just after WWI, are now clearly in sight: the family, schools, media, sex education and popular culture

The Dispassionate, Objective Algebra Enabled, Distraction Free Mind

Truth doesn’t register in the consciousness of large demographics. Truth is singular and truly elite. Truth comes right out with it, so truth is not popular

Iran, France Trade Barbs But Ministers May Come For Nuclear Deal

Tough exchanges between France and Iran dampen hopes of an early breakthrough

Terry Richardson Accused of Exploiting and Abusing Models

Terry Richardson Accused of Exploiting and Abusing Models

He’s been described as the “American Jimmy Savile” and his work perfectly encapsulates the entertainment industry ethos: dehumanization, violence and hypersexualization mixed with satanism

Is John Bolton Preparing the Way for a Nuclear False Flag?

Bolton is in close cahoots with the Zionists and if they intended to sabotage negotiations with Iran he would know

China's Wing Loong UAV. Click to enlarge

China Deploys New Bomber with Long-Range Land Attack Missile

With new armed drones and long range cruise missiles China’s military modernisation program is on course to challenge U.S pre-eminence in Asia and the Pacific

With his goddaughter at Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, in the 1990s. Click to enlarge

The Unintelligent Man I Loved

A personnel story in answer to “Do women like unintelligent men”?

There is no credible US military option, and 9 other pointers from Jerusalem

With the U.S. increasingly wary of further military involvement and at odds with Tel Aviv over how to deal with Iran, Israel considers its options

Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev. Click to enlarge

Israeli government spokesman: Iran is building ICBMs targeting the U.S.

With a potentially historic deal now possible, Israel sounds increasingly desperate. With spokesman Mark Regev claiming Iran is building ICBM’s for the U.S.

Uncertainties Abound in Fukushima Decommissioning

Nuclear experts agree, decommissioning Fukushima presents a much more daunting challenge than either Three Mile Island or Chernobyl

Don’t You Know we’re Riding on the Disinfo Express

I’ve been watching various cable series to get an idea of what is being slipped into the common awareness, under the guise of entertainment

Confession: Jury verdict prove CIA killed JFK

Kennedy’s assassination illustrates how Americans and their media are living in two different worlds. Dr Kevin Barrrett explains

Vince Kidd in Pause Mag with a bunch of inverted crosses on his hat and a Baphomet pendant. Reality shows are a great way to recruit Illuminati pawns.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (11/13)

More proof that a hidden-elite, who owe much of their power to dark occultism, control media and the fashion industry. Using both to shape an unwitting public’s perception

Car bomb attack kills 10 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

The attack follows the assassination Sunday of a high-ranking security official who was investigating the Muslim Brotherhood

Naftali Bennett: the face of an oppressed Jew? Or the new face of ZioNazism?

Beware: Media Whores at Work

Or how ‘investors bible” Forbes Magazine is giving credence to claims that Iran “may have a nuclear bomb in six weeks — unless the U.S. stops them”

Iran says “foreign elements” behind Beirut blasts

Iran has accused “foreign elements” of being behind the bombings near its Beirut embassy that killed six members of staff

Lowering the Moat Portcullis Against the Unseen and Unwelcome Visitor

Lowering the Moat Portcullis Against the Unseen and Unwelcome Visitor

I love my friends but I’ve come to accept that we are moving at different speeds and not going to arrive at the same conclusions or places at the same time

Jewish Light Bulb Jokes

Jewish Light Bulb Jokes

Jewish humour: some bitter, some genuinely funny