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Romney’s Top Advisor, Dov Zakeim, Connected to 9/11

The US must be on its deathbed when a presidential contender has Dov Zakheim as foreign policy advisor. The man under whose watch 2 trillion went missing from the Pentagon and who’s been described as the mastermind behind 9/11

The Voice of Darkness and The Hasbara Trolls

♫They’re coming to take you away♫ They’ve got camps and coffins and The Voice of the Darkness to guide them and make no mistake about who commands and advises them. Make no mistake at all

"Inside Job" : The US is a Kleptocracy

“Inside Job” : The US is a Kleptocracy

Oscar-winning documentary on the “credit crisis” shows how the banking industry preys on Americans like wolves prey on sheep. They have placed their errand boys in the White House and there is nothing to stop them.

European broadcasters accuse Syria, Iran of jamming of news to Middle East

Another prime example of Western journalistic hypocrisy: while European Broadcasting Union decries the jamming as an “attack on media freedom” it omits to mention that similar curbs have been applied to Iranian broadcasters

Renewed Nuclear Talks with Iran on the Horizon

We stand at a transition between one age and the next, a world in which America’s power and all it represents will fade. The coming weeks will reveal whether that transition will be peaceful or not

The true crisis of Zionism: silent majority of US Jews have never supported it

Even as the extreme racism of Rabbi Meir Kahane has, as Beinart shows, become respectable in contemporary Israel.

Britney Spear’s Former Nanny To Testify in Trial About How the Singer was Manipulated by Handler

Britney Spear’s Former Nanny To Testify in Trial About How the Singer was Manipulated by Handler

Revelations about how Britney is controlled emerge following feud between managers

U.S. Congress introduces bill ordering FEMA to conduct ‘mass fatality planning’

Is FEMA planning for the unforeseen? Or are they laying the groundwork for the next false flag?

Frenchman Vents on French Women

Frenchman Vents on French Women

By pursuing power instead of love, women have nothing to offer men

U.S., Israel Start Joint Military Drill Amid Iran Tensions

The U.S. and Israel embark on their biggest ever joint military exercise, Austere Challenge 12

The Shitstream Media, Crown Colony Syndrome and the Black Nobility

We’re defined by our friends and enemies, as much as we are defined by anything. We are defined by our appetites and attractions, as much as we are defined by anything

A View over Bosporus

Israel Shamir reports from Istanbul, where he finds a vibrant city that is a far cry from that depicted in Midnight Express

Iran’s Secret Weapon

Iran’s Secret Weapon

It is a far deadlier weapon than any weapon Israel has in its armory — and it is capable of destroying Israel. What weapon? To find out, read on.

White House denies deal for one-on-one talks with Iran… but

Barely begun and the New American Century is already in its twighlight. Enfeebled by wars against two lesser opponents – Iraq and Afghanistan – striking Iran will soon be beyond America’s ability

Relearning Heterosexual Love

Relearning Heterosexual Love

As Henry Makow explains, the mainstreaming of homosexuality is a deliberate effort to undermine heterosexuals and create a slave race

The Rothschild Who Crashed to Earth

The Rothschild Who Crashed to Earth

Rothschild heir apparent threatens dynasty’s reputation and leaves his own in tatters after business deal turns sour

The Corruptions of Language

Beware of buzzwords: they are being used to conceal everything from War Crimes to the danger of toxic implants

The Fractured Fairy Tale Land of Visible Origami

People underestimate the force and influence of power and position. Once they get there, the all consuming concern is that they might lose it

Israeli navy takes over Gaza-bound ship

Every time Israel does something like this it shows its true face. Something the largely Zionist owned global media cannot disguise; the arrogant, elitist and essentially anti-humanitarian nature of Zionism

Jimmy Savile: A Prime Example of an Entertainment Industry Abuser Protected by the Elite

Jimmy Savile: A Prime Example of an Entertainment Industry Abuser Protected by the Elite

He wasn’t just a nasty old pervert. He was knighted by the Queen and obtained Papal knighthood. Is that why he evaded exposure?