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Iran Said to Nearly Finish Nuclear Enrichment Plant

Despite international pressure and heavy economic sanctions work at the underground enrichment facility is reported to be virtually complete

Scientist that discovered GMO health hazards immediately fired, team dismantled

It received little media coverage at the time but it illustrates how modern science is no longer a paragon of objectivity but beholden to corporate interests

Papa’s Delicate Condition and the Funhouse of Complexity

There is a great deal of profit to be found in confusion, mayhem and mischief, so, these things predominate because self interest and personal profit are the primary motivations of The Age of Dense Materialism

Was there a paedophile ring in No 10? MP Tom Watson demands probe

Aide to former prime minister had links with paedophile ring, claims MP who campaigned on phone hacking long before police embarked on current inquiry

Savile sex scandal hits horrific new low

Former colleague claims that DJ was a ‘necrophiliac’ and questions why the media didn’t report the story when they knew. Adding: “Who vetted the Knighthood (Savile’s)? Coco the clown?”

Iran Is Bypassing Sanctions And Redefining International Trade With Gold

How financial restrictions on Iran may ultimately contribute to the demise of the dollar

Globalists Use "Brazil" Strategy in the US

Globalists Use “Brazil” Strategy in the US

The Globalists are using the same strategy in the US as in Brazil, bribe people with their own money and make them debt slaves at the same time

Royal Marine and Woman Soldier, 25, Killed in Helmand

Although still unconfirmed it is understood that the two died in a ‘Green-on-blue’ attack – an incident when Afghan forces turn on their international ‘allies’

Sudan Blames Israel For Arms Depot Attack

Although Israel would neither confirm nor deny the report observers say Sudan has become a battleground in its struggle with Hamas

The new Israeli apartheid: Poll reveals widespread Jewish support for policy of discrimination against Arab minority

Almost three quarters of those polled supported the idea of seperate roads for Jews and Palestinians in the West Bank

Mark Thompson’s future at New York Times questioned after Savile scandal

The outgoing BBC head – who famously banned the broadcast of a Palestinian charity appeal claiming it was ‘political’ – says he was unaware of Savile’s reputation. But another BBC staffer says she informed him

Will Frustrated Homeowners And Armed Posses Take Matters Into Their Own Hands As Home Invasions Rise?

As the various accounts here reveal, the American Dream is rapidly descending into a nightmare

Woman 'Set Herself On Fire In Staged KKK Attack'

Woman ‘Set Herself On Fire In Staged KKK Attack’

Seems like the staged “hate crime” routine is no longer confined to “anti-Semitic” incidents

The ordinary victims lost in the noise of Beirut’s latest big story

Robert Fisk reports from the scene of the assassination of the country’s intelligence chief and its impact on ordinary Lebanese

How I Tried To Bomb Iran Into The Stone Age

How I Tried To Bomb Iran Into The Stone Age

Michael Peck plays a computer game that simulates a U.S. military action against Iran and makes some unsettling discoveries. What’s more we think he takes an overly optimistic view when he fails to factor in Russian and/or Chinese intervention

How I Tried To Bomb Iran Into The Stone Age: Part II

Michael Peck first simulation of all-out war with Iran ended disastrously. Now he tries limited strikes with a broad coalition of allies

How the Illuminati is Reordering the Middle East

How the Illuminati is Reordering the Middle East

Events in Libya and Syria can be traced back to 9-11.

Informant: NYPD Paid Me to ‘Bait’ Muslims

An American of Bengali descent who has now denounced his work as an informant, says police told him to draw Muslims into conversations about terror and then forward their response to the NYPD

Fat City and the Rat Scratch Fever

The modern day operations of the American ruling class, are starting to look more and more like the court of Louis the 14th.

Jimmy Savile Scandal Has the Potential to Spiral Beyond Control

Even as the controversy rages the cover-up continues. So why are we not being told about Jimmy Savile’s abuse of young boys?