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The Plan

“I have known “The Plan” since I was a small child and have seen it carried out just as I was told it would be….” – a former multi-generational server tells what she knows

The bloody truth about Syria's uncivil war

The bloody truth about Syria’s uncivil war

Robert Fisk reports first hand from the conflict in Syria and confirms once again that most of those involved in the insurgency are not Syrian

Secret court proposals compared to superinjunctions

New ‘secret courts’ proposed in which even applications for courts to sit in secret could remain secret

Colouring book features trading cards of terrorists

Colouring book features trading cards of terrorists

How to indoctrinate children into the New World Order? Would you believe ‘terrorist trading cards’?

The Problem is not Debt, it’s Interest

How do we know this? Anthony Migchels explains. Includes video

Reeling in the Gotterdammerug

I never like writing about these kinds of things but since they have some kind of meaning and since they affect everything that goes on around here, one supposes they are relevant

Over 2,500 DHS employees and co-conspirators have been convicted of crimes in the past eight years, according to federal auditor

Yet these are the very people recruited to protect us in the “War on Terror”

The gaping hole the collision left in the side of the USS Porter. Click to enlarge

Iran banking on American straits strategy

THE Iranians are laughing at the US. Not chuckling, real belly laughing. They are laughing because the US has fallen right into the trap that they, the Iranians, laid out. And that was their plan.

Icelandic lessons in coming back from the brink

Before It’s News details how the bankers were told what to do with their debts and what we can all learn from Iceland’s ‘economic crisis’

Friends - The Latest Substitute for Marriage

Friends – The Latest Substitute for Marriage

No-one can disagree that friends are a good thing. However the media’s interest in the concept should be a warning sign.

Syria’s newspapers trumpet an army victory but the sound of shellfire tells the true story

In Aleppo, where the government claims to be winning, the battles continue. In Damascus, which the government believes it holds, the sniping continues the moment you reach the city limits

The Hang the Bankers Christmas Tree Ornament

I notice a change in the general consciousness, slowly but surely. We’ve all heard of critical mass and the straw that broke the camel’s back. I imagine it will be something like this. One day it’s more than enough and then the plains flood, so to speak

US, UK, French elite units on standby for seizing Syrian chemical weapons

IF true – and the source has known connections to Israeli intelligence – ‘chemical weapons’ may simply be a ruse for the forward deployment of Western Special Forces against Syria

WikiLeaks: Advancing an Israeli Agenda?

WikiLeaks: Advancing an Israeli Agenda?

Maidhc Ó Cathail asks: who has benefited the most from Wikileaks disclosures?

Blair’s £400,000-a-year bill to taxpayers: Multi-millionaire ex-PM enjoys perks and pension

At a time of sweeping public spending cuts Tony Blair shows what’s really important to him. Despite having built up a fortune of £30 million since leaving office, he continues to milk taxpayers to fund his lavish lifestyle

Media Bias: Gays Shooting Conservatives No 'Hate Crime'

Media Bias: Gays Shooting Conservatives No ‘Hate Crime’

When a homosexual shoots up a conservative office, it is “politically motivated.” When the reverse happens, it is a “hate crime.”

Aleppo’s poor get caught in the crossfire of Syria’s civil war

Robert Fisk talks to those who got caught in the crossfire when the ‘Free Syrian Army’ came to town

U.S. sends aircraft carrier back to Gulf to face Iran, Syria

Cutting short crew’s home leave, USS Stennis ordered to return to the Persian Gulf

Iran Warns Secret U.S. Bases Will Be Hit

An Iranian diplomat was quoted on Tuesday as saying six secret U.S. bases in Israel would be targeted if America joins with the Zionist state in attacking Iran. Includes video

BBC Censors Video Showing Syrian Rebels Forcing Prisoner to Become Suicide Bomber

BBC Censors Video Showing Syrian Rebels Forcing Prisoner to Become Suicide Bomber

This is what BBC viewers pay their exorbitant licence fees for: censorship and the manipulation of news. Includes video