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The (Not So) Secret War Against God

We are engaged in a spiritual war as those that seek to dominate humanity do all in their power to destroy the roots of spiritual faith. Kevin Boyle presents various documents that chronicle this intent

Succubi Hallucinations in Cell Block 99

You mess with Mother nature at your peril. You mess with her representatives at your peril. You turn her into ho’s and bitches and you will get something you never imagined in your darkest nightmare

Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual

Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual

Vigilant Citizen uncovers facts and symbols that suggest the Whitney Houston’s death may have been a blood sacrifice and that the 2012 Grammy Awards was an occult ritualistic celebration

Proof Libertarianism is an Illuminati Ploy

Proof Libertarianism is an Illuminati Ploy

The Illuminati created Libertarianism to reflect their Social Darwinian and racial supremacist ideology. With its opposite twin, Communism, they control the dialectic. The efficacy of this tactic is demonstrated by their duping the “Truth Movement.”

U.S. official: Signs pointing to increasing likelihood of Israeli strike on Iran

Will Israel wait a few months in order to give the international sanctions against Iran a chance before deciding on an attack?

AP Exclusive: Iran poised for big nuke jump

Iran about to greatly expand uranium enrichment at a fortified underground bunker. Giving it the ability, if it decides, to quickly make nuclear warheads

Iranian warships sail into the Mediterranean

Iranian warships sail into the Mediterranean

As tensions mount Iranian warship sails through the Suez canal

Zion’s Revenge: The Unseemly Spectacle of Patriot Turf Wars

The internet is the saviour of no man. It is merely a tool that provides for rapid access to valuable information and which additionally serves as a means of communication. At its best, that is all it is. It is also a double-edged sword

Under the Big Tent in the Circus of Appetite and Ignorance

We’re at Origami today, a sedate oasis that one in ten visit, because only one in ten care much about the ineffable. Well, the ineffable is on the move. I got a wonderful jolt of awareness in respect of that this morning

Pakistan allies with Iran against US

And Pakistan does have nuclear weapons

Tribalism, Racism and Projection Part II

Gilad explores the misleading role of Jewish politics (both Zionist and anti Zionist) within the ‘anti racist’ campaign. Includes video

International bank clearinghouse ready to enforce sanctions against Iran finance institutions

An international banking clearinghouse crucial to Iran’s oil sales said Friday that it is preparing to discontinue services to Iranian financial institutions, an unprecedented and potentially devastating blow to Tehran

How the media spin Mossad’s dirty tricks campaign

Michael Hoffman deconstructs a Mossad dirty tricks campaign and explains how the media spin it

U.S. Navy fears small Iranian boats, confident of own

Warda Al-Jawahiry reports from the USS Abraham Lincoln as it passes through the Straits of Hormuz

Jeff Rense and Impasse City

We don’t entirely agree with Les Visible on this; but as we have no problem with Les we leave readers to make up their own minds. We wonder though: would Rense do the same?

Iranian terror suspects pictured with prostitutes in Pattaya. Click to enlarge

Iranian suspects in Bangkok bomb plot dined with prostitutes, authorities say

Just like Mohammed Atta the other and 9/11 hijackers are said to have drunk alcohol, the latest “terror suspects” also partied with prostitutes.

Wrecked taxi in Bangkok Feb 14. Click to enlarge

Iran-Israel ‘Shadow War’ Spreads to Asia

Who was behind the recent bomb blasts against Israeli targets in Asia. Or perhaps we should ask: who had the most to gain?

Meet the U.S. ‘Top Guns’ with eyes on Iran

If conflict does erupt in the Gulf of Hormuz Lt Timothy Breen will be one of the first to fly into it

High-Tech Trickery in Homs?

High-Tech Trickery in Homs?

An image is no longer worth a thousand words. Includes video

Jeff Rense Steps in It: 2nd Update

Jeff Rense Steps in It: 2nd Update

We’ve reposted this as Henry Makow has unearthed some startling new discoveries about Jeff Rense