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Male circumcision leads to a bad sex life

Male circumcision leads to a bad sex life

Does a study that found links between circumcision and a poor sex life have wider implications? What, for example, does it say about Freud’s approach to psychology with its overriding emphasis on sex, given that Freud was Jewish and therefore circumcised?

1 Through 30 – The Coming U.S. Financial Crisis By The Numbers

We know the U.S. economy is in trouble but these 30 facts illustrate just how badly. So badly indeed that it could be in terminal decline

Bachmann Says ‘Pentagon Should Prepare a War Plan’ for Iran

By now it should be apparent which U.S. presidential candidates are not beholden to the Zionist lobby and which are ready to put Israel’s interests before America’s. Michele Bachmann appears to be the latter

Canada remains open to sending military to Syria, Iran

Canadian Defence Minister Peter Mackay signals the country’s readiness to be part of any Western military intervention in Syria or Iran

Libya: Abdurrahim al-Keib named new interim PM

Libya: Abdurrahim al-Keib named new interim PM

Normally we avoid using reports from the BBC, if only because they often omit key elements to present a very slanted picture of events. This story helps illustrate that very point

“My Dad Helped the CIA Kill JFK!”

A deathbed confession from one of the chief participants in Kennedy’s assassination

In Defense of Gilad Atzmon

Singer songwriter Sarah Gillespie on how, having had some of it aimed at herself she came to realise the full extent of the pathological venom directed against Gilad Atzmon

Ex-Inspector Rejects IAEA Iran Bomb Test Chamber Claim

A former IAEA inspector has denounced recent agency claims that Iran has built a containment vessel to test nuclear detonators as “highly misleading”

Remains of war dead dumped in landfill

Remains of war dead dumped in landfill

Indicative of how the elite regard those who fight and die in their wars; they are ALL considered utterly disposable

Iranian commander died during missile testing, brother says

The senior Revolutionary Guards Corps commander who was killed last week was killed during tests on “an intercontinental ballistic missile”, says his brother. A reference that was deleted from later reports in the Iranian press

Walking with Ganesha in top Hat and Tails

Les Visible on harmonisation and how the U.S. is looking more and more like The Hindenburg, with a whole lot of hot air and a dangerous combustibility

The Arab Spring has given Turkey a voice. Don’t mess with it

When The Wall Street Journal announces Assad’s forthcoming demise, Robert Fisk writes, I reckon he’s safe for a good while yet

US Family Finds a Future in Argentina

US Family Finds a Future in Argentina

The writing is on the wall for North America and those who can see it are getting out while they still can. One US refugee writes about what he discovered in South America

Panetta Warns Israel of the Consequences of Iran Military Strike

As in Israel, divisions seem to be emerging in Washington on how best to deal with Iran: with one-faction advocating a military solution while the other urges a more cautious approach. U.S. Defence Secretary Panetta seems to belong to the latter group

Pentagon: Pssst, Iran. Check out these new 30,000-lb. bombs

In a not so subtle hint to Iran, the U.S. unveils new deep penetration ordnance capable of pulverizing up to 200 foot of concrete

Ireland’s budget leak to Germany brings home some harsh realities

Not only do its economic prospects look bleak, Ireland’s sovereignty is gradually being diminished as EU finance ministers were given a preview of Dublin’s forthcoming budget proposals before they were even tabled in parliament

Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack

Russian warships enter Syrian territorial waters in a move seen as aimed at deterring any Western military “humanitarian intervention”

The Highway of the Thresher with the Rotating Teeth

Life is a terminal exercise in most cases so, spend it on something that counts. See it as an investment in the First International bank of Karma

United Against Cultural Fascism – A Letter to Every Cultured in the Country

United Against Cultural Fascism – A Letter to Every Cultured in the Country

Gilad Atzmon has obviously got Zionists worried. This week the Jewish Chronicle together with the Board of Jewish Deputies pressured the British Arts Council to withdraw funding from a music festival he was playing at

U.S. Army tests hypersonic weapon that travels five times the speed of sound… and can hit ANY target on earth in 30mins

As the U.S. military takes delivery of ordnance that can blow open 200 foot of concrete – and could be used against Iran’s nuclear facilities – a new hypersonic weapon is unveiled