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The Arab Autumn

Autumn came, and the summer haze dissipated. The first fruits sown in the spring budded forth: the Israeli Embassy fortress-on-the Nile was stormed, Turkey recalled last year’ s insult, and the Saudis threatened the US for the first time ever

The Grantig Army in the Fata Morgana  of Paradise Veiled

The Grantig Army in the Fata Morgana of Paradise Veiled

A little something different for Smoking Mirrors and certainly more indicative of what goes through my mind and where my real concerns lie

Losing Afghanistan, Losing Central Asia

After ten full years of occupation, with 180,000 troops and billions of dollars in military hardware, they do not even control a few square miles in the centre of the Kabul, let alone the country. This war is lost, writes a former British diplomat

Symbolic Pics of the Week (09/20/2011)

Symbolic Pics of the Week (09/20/2011)

The word “occult” originally meant “hidden”: Vigilant Citizen returns with more in your face occult symbolism flaunted in the mass media

Letter to a 9/11 Skeptic

Letter to a 9/11 Skeptic

This material represents merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are literally thousands of military officers, pilots, firemen, physicists, architects, engineers, academics and others involved in a burgeoning global “9/11 truth movement”

The Conquest of Thieves

Contemporary Frankensteins Nicolas Sarkozy, his co-conspirator David Cameron and their willing apprentices in the United States and the rest of NATO could be in for a rude awakening with the creation of their Libyan monster

U.S. to build new massive prison in Bagram

Despite domestic budget cuts the Obama administration has announced plans to build a new prison in Bagram, Afghanistan, that will cost an estimated $25,000,000 to $100,000,000

Clarity, Certitude and the Confusion of Opposites

Clarity, Certitude and the Confusion of Opposites

There are real metaphysical reasons why one is born black or white or yellow. There are reasons why one is born a Hindu, a Moslem, a Christian or a Jew. Certain experiences and responsibilities attend each for the purpose of learning and growth

The Open Society and Its Enemy Within

This film is dedicated to the so-called Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists who were harassing and detracting us. Ideally, we would like to see many Jews contributing to the discourse rather than attempting to dismantle it. However, we will prevail!!!

Israel makes missile UAV to reach Iran

The IAF’s largest UAV can fly for up to 45 hours, carry 1,000 kg payload and has the ability to launch missiles.

France says it has no mercenaries in Libya

So who are the Britons and Frenchmen captured in fighting by Gaddafi loyalists? Mercenaries? Or are they Special Forces troops employed by their respective countries to help overthrow Gaddafi?

30 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is About To Go Into The Toilet

Prepare for really, really hard times ahead. The era of endless prosperity is ending. Next comes the pain

The Landfill of Disinfo, Piled Higher and Deeper

My feeling is that those who too readily accept what Sorcha Faal or Benjamin Fulford say are going to wake up one morning and find they are in bed with Chastity Bono

U.S. Weighs a Direct Line to Tehran

After a series of potentially explosive close encounters the U.S. considers a hotline to Tehran

Tony Blair ‘visited Libya to lobby for JP Morgan’

Behind the façade of “diplomatic engagement Tony Blair was really helping to hammer out deals for trans-national banking corporations

Jewish prof defends himself against anti-Semitism allegation

Apart from taking the term ‘conditioned reflex’ to a whole new level, this latest farce over “anti-Semitism” reveals how the accusation often has absolutely no foundation in fact

Earth Groans Or HAARP Warfare? – The Strange Sound Phenomenon

The day before the big Northeast quake in the US the weird sound was heard during a baseball game and caught on TV

Madoff wife says “Gentiles Are Responsible For This”

Of course, if she’d said that about Jews she’d be accused of “Anti-Semitism”

Anti-Semitic and Uncle Khazar Boinking in the Box Seats

Here’s a new modality for you to play with, no matter what comment someone makes, your response should be, “That’s anti-Semitic”

Canada says no to Palestinian UN membership

Proving that Canada is as much a Zionist controlled state as its southern neighbour