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Why it took special forces so long to reach Norwegian island massacre

While this article from the Daily Mail asks why it took so long for Norwegian security forces to reach the scene of last Friday’s massacre, it omits an even more crucial question

An Unprecedented 1 in 66 Americans is a Diagnosed Psychotic

In an indication of how doctors are working hand-in-glove with the pharmaceutical industry, its been revealed anti-psychotic medication is now outselling common drugs to treat high blood pressure and acid reflux

Who Would Live in a House Like This?

Who Would Live in a House Like This?

See if you can guess who would live in such luxury and opulance. We reveal who at the end of this photo presentation

Police Guard 'Was Meant To Be On Island'

Police Guard ‘Was Meant To Be On Island’

A policeman was supposed to have been on duty on the Norwegian island when a gunman killed over eighty teenagers on Friday but officials reveal … THEY DO NOT KNOW WHERE HE WAS

Iran: Scientist May Have Been Mistakenly Killed

Whoever it was who shot down Iranian scientist on Saturday, it seems they hit the wrong guy

Symbolic Pics of the Week (07/23/10)

Symbolic Pics of the Week (07/23/10)

Featuring Harry Potter Star Emma Watson, Pakistani singers and Japanese goth bands who, knowingly or not, are all flaunting occult symbolism in their photo shoots

Connecting the Dot Machine

The dawn is breaking, even if it is coming at a great cost, considering the heinous crime that just went down in Norway

Second Gunman in Norway Shooting Spree?

Over and above specualtion about the involvement of a 2nd gunman, are we witnessing a psyop unfold? One that is intended further promote tension between ordinary Norwegians and the country’s Muslim community?

Was the Massacre in Norway a Reaction to BDS?

Was the Massacre in Norway a Reaction to BDS?

No that’s a serious question. Because as Gilad explains, in Israel Behring Breivik has found a few enthusiastic followers who praised his action

More Trouble in Murdoch World

Murdoch has been operating what amounts to a private intelligence service. The ongoing controversy is not really about phone hacking, it’s about unelected oligarchs who control the flow of information and use that power to their advantage

Iranian nuclear scientist shot dead on Tehran street

This reveals two things, if true. Firstly Israel is seriously worried over advances in Iran’s nuclear program and ready to resort to desperate measures. Secondly and more speculatively, Iran is making steady progress in developing nuclear weapons

Lucian Freud's perverse depictions of magnificent muck

Lucian Freud’s perverse depictions of magnificent muck

He shared more with his psycho-analyst grandfather than he cared to admit

Heard the one about the child and the blood money?

Robert Fisk finds an old joke book in a Tehran bazaar that in its own way says more about Iran than any corporate media commentator

Oslo False Flag: Now Everyone's A Suspect!

Oslo False Flag: Now Everyone’s A Suspect!

Haven’t we heard the Mainstream media (MSM) proclaim about “Right-wing extremists” and “Lone-nut killers” before? And where is it leading this time: back to you and me maybe?

Israel: Norway inciting against us

A report from last year made more relevant by recent events in Oslo

The Great Games

The Great Games

Gilad Atzmon reveiws Eric Walberg’s new book on Post-Modern Imperialism

At Least 80 Dead in Norway Killing

At Least 80 Dead in Norway Killing

The latest atrocity sees a return of an old stock-in-trade in the terror repertoire: “the right-wing extremist”

Now Two Murdoch Whistleblowers Dead

Now Two Murdoch Whistleblowers Dead

At first, Big George’s April 29th frantic phone call to me (eight days before his death at age 53,) didn’t make much sense. Now that the scandal has broken wide open a few things are much clearer

Iran prez said pushing for nukes

Associated Press don’t identify the source for this story beyond saying it comes from “a nation with traditionally reliable intelligence” on “the region”. From which one can conclude Israel, which has its own agenda regarding Iran

Layoffs, Layoffs Everywhere You Look There Are Layoffs

A new wave of layoffs is sweeping across America. During tough economic times, Wall Street favors companies that are able to cut costs, and the fastest way to “cut costs” is to eliminate employees