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Mobile Phones Using non-Syrian SIM Cards and Digital Cameras Containing Fabricated Videos of Acts of Violence Found on Members of Armed Criminal Group

Mobile Phones Using non-Syrian SIM Cards and Digital Cameras Containing Fabricated Videos of Acts of Violence Found on Members of Armed Criminal Group

Provided courtesy the CIA, MI6 or MOSSAD?

IRGC Commander Dismisses Possibility of Military Threats against Iran

He may be right but that is all the more reason for Western agencies to renew their covert efforts to undermine Iran. They did so after the last Iranian election and failed. With troubles in Syria expect them to renew those efforts

The Holocaust Explained

After Germany’s surrender, American editors and correspondents were flown to the camps, where they were shown piles of corpses of dead Russian prisoners of war. However, writes Eustice Mullins, they were filmed and shown in the U.S as ‘Jewish corpses’

But what if the spirit of rebellion spread to Iran?

Rest assured that the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD are doing all in their power to ensure that it does

How wide does this go: Now Google devices ‘found to transmit user locations back to the company’

After it was revealed that Apple iPhone and iPad can track their owners location it’s now been disclosed that Google’s Android HTC phone transmitted location data back to Google several times an hour

Every concession makes the President more vulnerable

Bashar al-Assad is a tough guy. He stood up to Israel and American pressure. He supported Hezbollah and Iran and Hamas. But ordinary Syrians have other demands

10 Examples That Should Convince Anyone That We No Longer Live In The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave

If you have friends or family who are proud to live in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, just show them this article

Violence erupts across Syria; reported deaths rise to 73

Police reportedly open fire on protesters tearing down statue of Hafez al-Assad, the president’s late father and former ruler of Syria

Israeli car ad boasts run over of kids

Israeli car ad boasts run over of kids

An Israeli commercial for Sabaru features an incident photographed last year when a settler hit two Palestinian kids. The Hebrew advert read: “We’ll see who can stand against you”. Updated with video

U.S. sends drones to Libya as battle rages for Misrata

Mounting fears of “mission creep” as the U.S. deploys armed drones

The Only New World Order Really Threatening Us is Jewish – Part 1 of 8

The purpose of this video is not to shock or frighten you but to inform you. As most of this information has been deliberately surpressed

Israel ‘supplied arms to Argentina during Falklands War’

Israel secretly supplied arms and equipment to Argentina during the Falklands War due to Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s personal hatred of the British, a new book discloses

Iran: US, Israel assist drug dealers

Prior to US led invasion the Taliban had virtually closed down Afghanistan’s drugs trade. Shortly thereafter the drugs trade revived and Iran now accuses the US and Zionists of using it to undermine Iranian youth

The Israeli So-Called ‘Left’

I am not impressed at all, writes Gilad Atzmon. The Israeli humanists basically endorse the Palestinian diplomatic initiative so they can keep dwelling on Palestinian land … forever

How Apple tracks your location without you knowing

If you’ve recently bought an Apple iPhone or iPad, chances are its been tracking your movements – without your knowledge

ElBaradei: US, Europe Weren’t Interested in Compromise With Iran

Former IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaredi told an interviewer this week that Western officials were not interested in negotiating an agreement with Iran. Instead, they wanted “regime change – by any means necessary”

Citizen Monitors Keep A Wary Eye On Radiation And Government

Retired teacher Don Curry visits a Las Vegas radiation monitoring station every few days to record and collect data. Why? “You know the History of this”, he asks? “We don’t trust the government”

Boris Johnson and Violence

Transcript of a conversation featuring Boris Johnson discussing how someone will be beaten up. For those who still don’t know, Johnson is an associate of David Cameron and current Lord Mayor of London

Radiation exposure chart admits cancer radiotherapy delivers fatal dose to patients

The cancer industry’s own treatments, it turns out, are its best source of repeat business because the No. 1 side effect of chemotherapy is – guess what? – cancer!

Iranian leader rebuffs Ahmadinejad over official’s dismissal

For those who think Ahmadinejad is the embodiment of a long prophesied figure of supreme evil; he isn’t. Ahmadinejad is still answerable to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s highest leader