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Remember the civilian victims of past ‘Allied’ bombing campaigns

Robert Fisk on how life past catches up with life present

7 policemen killed in clash with protestors in Syria

Political unrest and protests spread to Syria

Thousands Of U.S. Personnel Evacuated From Japan To Western Wash.

An indication of just how seriously officials view the threat of radioactivity from Fukushima, 200,000 U.S. military personnel or their dependents are being evacuated from Japan

Some progress at Fukushima, but no coolant at reactors 3 and 4

Good news and bad from Fukushima

One of the Darkest Evils the World Has Ever Known

The cosmos is presently shaking up the scenery on the planet. It’s only just started and there is no telling how dramatic it’s going to get. That depends, I surmise, on what it takes to wake people up

Don’t Trust the Libyan Horror Stories

In 1991 we were told of Iraqi soldiers killing premature babies in a Kuwaiti hospital. This was later proved (and admitted) to be a complete lie. Now similar sorts of stories are filtering out of Libya

Cosmic Evil and the ‘Great Game’

If military action against Libya is for “humanitarian” reasons the Palestinians must be shaking their heads in bewilderment

Libya: British forces unleash warplanes and missiles against Gaddafi

British, American and French forces rain down missiles and air strikes as Gaddafi forces continued an onslaught against rebels

Helen Thomas: Playboy Interview in Full

Since she was fired not one major media outlet has dared to defy her blacklisting. Illustrating just how controlled the U.S. news media is it was left to a soft-porn magazine to interview the former White House correspondent

Iran launches fighter jet squadron

Iran announced Saturday that it was mass-producing its own domestically designed air defence jet and that the first squadron has just entered service

Jewish group disturbed by results of survey on anti-Semitic attitudes in Europe

Once again Zionists deflect criticism of Israeli treatment of Palestinians with claims of “anti-Semitism”

Air Strikes on Libya Commence

More than 100 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired at Libyan missile and radar installations

Middle East unrest: 52 shot dead in Yemen

Pro-regime snipers positioned on rooftops in the Yemeni capital have shot dead at least 52 protesters

Helen Thomas to Playboy: Jews “own the White House”

Helen Thomas to Playboy: Jews “own the White House”

“I knew exactly what I was doing – I was going for broke,” says the veteran White House correspondent …”I finally wanted to tell the truth”. Includes White House video response

Sunbathing on The Sunless Riviera of the Devil’s Anus

His day is arriving, writes Les Visible of Rupert Murdoch, and when it does we shall see the meaning of that phrase; “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”

Talmudic Logic for Beginners

It is possible that when they circumcised Alan Dershowitz, they binned the wrong bit. Gilad Atzmon explains

‘Japan may become another Chernobyl’

The “worst case scenario” may be about to become reality

What Can The Japanese Tsunami Teach Us About Prepping For Disasters And Emergencies?

As the Japanese tsunami has shown, disaster can strike anywhere and at any time. No one is immune. Someday it may be your turn. Will you be ready?

Visible Origami: Catch and Release in the Trout Stream of Life

Keep in mind that, with all of the crazy things going down at the moment, portals to new understanding and incredible dimensions of being are opening up alongside of them

What the Media Missed on Itamar

American news reports continue to provide excruciating details about the atrocity. Given the amount of reportage, it is surprising how much significant information is omitted