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The BBC became a propaganda machine for climate change zealots, says Peter Sissons… and I was treated as a lunatic for daring to dissent

Veteran broadcaster speaks out after more than 40-years at the corporation

“The Complete Guide for Killing Gentiles”

Rev. Ted Pike on the rising anti-Arab militancy in Israel

Valley of the Wolves

A new Turkish movie has created something of an an uproar, even before its release in Germany on January 27: the same day as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The movie is about the Mavi Marmara massacre. Includes linked video

Economy News Nightmare: 20 Things That You Should Not Read If You Do Not Want To Become Very Angry

The mainstream media and our top politicians are running around proclaiming that the economy has turned around, and yet all of the important long-term economic numbers continue to get worse. Do they think that the American people are stupid?

Iran to unveil defense, space projects

Iran’s defence minister says the Islamic Republic will be unveiling a number of new space and military projects in the weeks ahead

The Real Deal doesn’t Need to be New and Improved

We are all born into certain times for a reason. The greater the opportunity of any particular time, the greater the darkness mustered against those opportunities, because the whole point of existence on this plane is about souls and who will harvest them

Social networking under fresh attack as tide of cyber-scepticism sweeps US

Turkle’s thesis is simple: technology is threatening to dominate our lives and make us less human. Under the illusion of allowing us to communicate better, it is actually isolating us from reality

30,000 pupils branded as bigots

Teachers log ‘racist’ and ‘homophobic’ jibes in playground squabbles, even at nursery

Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Top Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs for 2010

Playing the victim card for all its worth – both politically and financially – this year’s “Top Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs”. While some quotes are very obviously “anti-Semitic”, we leave you to decide which ones

Nazi smear hits King’s Speech Oscar campaign

It is a familiar story in Oscars history: a damaging slur is raised – often anonymously – against a contender for best picture

Google Seeks To Weaken Search Engine Ranking of “Content Farming” Websites

Alternative news sites beware, Google is changing their algorithm to reduce your status to a spammer in an attempt to control the flow of information on the Internet

Sex ‘part of undercover policing’

Just as the so-called ‘honey-trap’ was used to infiltrate dissident groups in the former Soviet Union, so now British police are employing similar tactics against domestic dissidents. It’s all part of the modern police state

Iran stalemate prompts renewed calls for air strikes

Even though Ahmadinejad says recent talks on Iran’s nuclear program may still yield agreement, the corporate media is already writing them off. Quoting one senior US diplomat as saying: “We’ve held out the carrot”, perhaps its time to hold out the stick”

Chinese stealth fighter jet may use US technology

China may have bought parts of US F-117 Nighthawk shot down over Serbia in 1999, say experts

Lebanon’s Druze leader backs Hezbollah

An endorsement that is likely to help put Hezbollah back in power

London’s Foreign Office might as well relocate to Tel Aviv

Stuart Littlewood looks at the double talk of British Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt, a Zionist stooge who on a recent visit to occupied Palestine professed his commitment to justice while pledging to stand by Israel and defend its war criminals

Elvis, Bin Laden and Assange

Bin Laden has become “Elvis bin Laden,” the “King of Terrorism”. Unlike Elvis however, whose musical legacy will live forever, “Elvis bin Laden” is only kept alive by the charlatans of the military-industrial complex and their media partners

Left-wing bias? It’s written through the BBC’s very DNA, says Peter Sissons

Veteran broadcaster Peter Sissons looks at accusations of BBC bias

Gilad Atzmon on ARTE TV

Israel and Nazi Germany have much in common, says Gilad Atzmon, only Israel is far worse because it claims to be a democracy. Give the video time to load

The American Armchair Revolutionary

Or how the American dream is slowly turning into nauseous nightmare