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Big pharma to begin micro-chipping drugs

Mike Adams – Natural News November 9, 2010 The age of pharmaceutical microchipping is now upon us. Novartis AG, one of the largest drug companies in the world, has announced a plan to begin embedding microchips in medications to create “smart pill” technology. The microchip technology is being licensed from Proteus Biomedical of Redwood City, […]

American Students Overseas: Then and Now

The decline has been dramatic. A trip to a shopping mall in Atlanta after some years in Europe revealed astonishing demographic and cultural changes. Firstly, nearly all the White Americans I saw there and on my way there were elderly and diffident — they looked, in fact, positively archaic, living relics from a bygone age

Obama Conducting ‘Reign of Terror’ Against Suspected Leakers

Wayne Madsen on what President Obama is doing in the wake of one of the worst electoral defeats for the party of an incumbent president in recent history

Dumb, Dumber and Dead

I’m optimistic about what’s coming and pessimistic about how it will affect the wider population. As an uncle of mine once said, ‘those who cannot hear must feel”. In other words, the universe will come down on us to the degree that it takes us to hear it

The Tunnel People of Las Vegas

The Tunnel People of Las Vegas

While the U.S. continues regular hand-outs to Israel, every night one thousand destitute make their beds in tunnels beneath the cities shimmering malls

Iran detains 'UK-linked fighters'

Iran detains ‘UK-linked fighters’

Iran has announced the arrest of 4 people on suspicion of belonging to a Kurdish rebel cell funded by a UK-based commander

Outgoing MI head: Iran can already produce a nuclear bomb

In his final address to the Knesset as head of Israel’s Military Intelligence, Major General Amos Yadlin expanded on how Iran had enough enriched uranium to produce a nuclear bomb and may soon have enough for a second

Illuminati Videos Update

Vigilant Citizen examines two recent music videos aimed at teens and pre teens, Willow Smith’s “Whip my Hair” and Rihanna’s “Who’s That Chick”, and finds both filled with Masonic symbolism and dark, subliminal messages

A Turning Point Quietly Reached

Meir Kahane, whose followers celebrated his genocidal ideas in the streets of Umm al Fahm only the other day, would be dancing with delight at the way things are turning out

A CCTV Fuss About Nothing?

Transcripts from the 7/7 Inquest reveal more questions than answers about how police knew what they did and when

MI Chief: Iran and Russia Giving Syria Advanced Weapons

Israel’s outgoing head of Military Intelligence told the Knesset on Tuesday that Russia was supplying Syria with advanced weapons systems that could set the IDF “back to their status in the 1970’s Suez years”

The Fed at Jekyll Island: 100 Years Later, They’re Baaack!

Economic Policy Journal has obtained the agenda of the meeting that will celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the secret meeting that helped establish the U.S. Federal Reserve

Afghan police unit said to join Taliban

Making a mockery of western plans of reintegrating former militants, a whole contingent of Afghan police officers are reported to have abandoned their post and joined the Taliban

Julie – Sabbath Goy – Burchill

Independent writer Julie Burchill (left), a devout Zionist, has been described as the ‘Queen of English Journalism”. But in her desperate attempts to smear Lauren Booth she proves how deceiving British multiculturalism is. Gilad Atzmon explains

Ledger was ‘whacked’ by criminals: Quaid

Actor Randy Quaid has claimed deceased star Heath Ledger was one of many celebrities “whacked” by a group of Hollywood criminals from whom he is now on the run

Greece bombings not linked to al Qaeda, government says

Greece bombings not linked to al Qaeda, government says

Bombs are mailed to politicians across Europe and within days Greek police arrest two men, both of whom are members of a Greek militant group. Now contrast that with the hunt for bin Laden who still remains at large nearly 10 years after 9/11

The Plague of Zionism and the Cleansing Fire of the Apocalypse

Despite his campaign promises, President Obama has only brought more of the same

Sanctions on Iran aren’t working, diplomat says

New sanctions on Iran aren’t having the desired effect, according to an unnamed European diplomat

Behind the Al-Qaeda Scenarios, A Strategic Oil Transit Chokepoint

Behind the Al-Qaeda Scenarios, A Strategic Oil Transit Chokepoint

After the “crotch bomber’s” appearance late last year, Yemen has been in the forefront of activity in the “War on Terror”. William Engdahl looks at what may be the real reason behind the interest in this desolate part of the Arabian Peninsula

Word From Ned Dougherty Nov 1, 2010

In 1982 Ned Dougherty survived a transformational Near Death Experience. Ever since he’s been receiving messages that have great relevance to today’s events with the latest being of special relevance to children and the young