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“Secret” Dr Kelly Papers Released

Papers relating to the “suicide” of Dr David Kelly that had been deemed “secret” have been released. Although they shed no new light on his death and only underline the official account, they will undoubtedly only fuel further speculation

Jews, Jazz and Socialism

As tragic as it may be, Jewish politics is always a form of Zionism

Canadian Serial Killer Linked to Elite Satanists? (Updated)

Beyond being a rising star in the Canadian military, commanding an air force base and flying the prime minister’s private jet, Williams was also a sexual deviant, rapist and murderer. Proof that criminality and perversion permeate society’s highest levels

Turkey rebuffs U.S. pressure to slash trade with Iran

Expect other countries, most notably China, to take a similar line

American Dumb, When “Stupid Becomes” Dangerous

Stupidity, one thing all Americans agree on, but who is really stupid?

The Final Curtain – “CCTV Rich” to “CCTV Fail”

The first week of the 7/7 Inquest has revealed why the authorities have been so slow in releasing evidence – there is none. Transcripts from the inquest reveal CCTV cameras were either “switched off” or “malfunctioned”

Col. Russell Williams pleads guilty to all 88 charges

Col. Russell Williams pleads guilty to all 88 charges

Lucia Magalhaes said she was surprised Williams committed the crimes because he always seemed so polite and nice. “I couldn’t believe that a person could do that and he was living right in our neighbourhood,” she said

Siberian swans signal start of Arctic winter

The first migrating Siberian swans have arrived earlier than expected. According to folklore, their early arrival signals the start of a long, harsh winter

They’ll be Singing, ♫Tears of Rage and Tears of Grief♫

The truth has a certain elegance and restraint to it. Sometimes it can be a little rough because it doesn’t spend as much time in makeup as the lies do. Lies require cosmetics and strategic lighting. Truth possesses its own beauty (if you can see it)

Lebanon – land of phantom oil deals, spies and political murder

Lebanon – land of phantom oil deals, spies and political murder

Beyond the predictable Western reaction to Ahmadinejad’s recent visit to Lebanon, his trip also saw the signing of a series of massive energy, oil exploration and economic agreements. Robert Fisk explains

DEMOS Report: The Power of Unreason

The recent banking collapse in 2008 and the bailouts that ‘saved’ these banks provide hard evidence that the banking system OWNS our governments. Includes linked interview with Lord Christopher Monckton

U.S. Advances Saudi F-15 Package

In an indication of Zionist control over U.S. foreign policy, the $60 billion deal is only going ahead after Israel signalled its tacit approval. In contrast to previous years when the Zionist had loudly protested arms sales to Arab countries

N.W.O. History of Mongolia

The story of Mongolia’s ‘development’ shows Communism, democracy and NGO’s working towards the same end: a regional plantation under the flag of the United Nations

From Rabbi Yosef to Marx

In case the Goyim cannot find a purpose in their life, Israeli senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is there to help them out

Iran posts diplomatic gains despite Western cold-shoulder

Despite Western efforts to isolate it recently, Iran has been gaining ground diplomatically

The Zombie Bankers meet the Hell Hounds of Abadon

November is coming. Anyone who is aware of the ALTA web bot reports from Cliff High and George Ure know that November has an ominous vibration

High Noon in America

Our own clock is ticking away… and time is not on our side. Do we hide, do we run, or do we face our fears, and everyone else’s, and make good on our beliefs?

Why entrust hostages’ lives to US forces?

Yvonne Ridley explains why even though she was held hostage by the Taliban and faced possible death, the last thing she wanted was to be rescued by U.S. Special Forces

University of Winnipeg Stung by Its Own Viper

For decades the University of Winnipeg has been teaching students hatred and intolerance for those who hold traditional values. On Sunday this policy stung them

Original Sins Against the Palestinian People

During WWI, when Palestine was under Turkish rule the British promised independence to the Arabs to undermine the Turks. Thousands flocked to join Lawrence of Arabia while in London another scheme was being hatched