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Israel Concerned Over Missile Sale to Syria

Despite U.S. and Israeli objections, Syria has reportedly taken delivery of a deadly new Russian missile


The former U.S. marine turned activist for Palestinian rights pulls no punches

Gotter and Dammerung on the Horizon

Many will be drawn into the whirlpool as the old world is sucked away. For some would choose no other option even if one were offered. Like someone who recently said, “Even if they proved that 9/11 was an inside job, I still wouldn’t believe it”

Snow closes part of Going-To-The-Sun road

Early snows close roads in Montana, record lows recorded at Laguna Beach, southern Orange County

Six men held over plot to attack Pope are released without charge

This is becoming a familiar tale: a highly publicised ‘terror’ plot is uncovered. Only later to be revealed as being without foundation. In the latest example: six men held for allegedly plotting to attack the pope have been released – without charge

Russia to defy US by selling anti-ship missiles to Syria

Russia to go ahead with weapons sale to Syria despite U.S. and Israeli objections. In reponse Israel threatens to sell arms to Russia’s enemies

Teacher sentenced to 90 days in jail for grabbing student’s ear

One wonders if this isn’t part of an effort to undermine the authority of teachers in schools?

Why I Didn’t Join the Masons

In this seventh and the final Installment, Roger answers questions from Henry Makow about his lifelong battle with Freemasons and makes suggestions for coping.

Poll: Most Americans against joining Israel in Iran strike

Americans may finally be waking up to how they are being manipulated. Does this mean that another false flag like 9/11 is in offing to scare them back into compliance?

Is America’s Military Prepared for the Israeli Threat?

Gordon Duff asks: can America stop an Israeli nuclear 9/11?

Rupert Murdoch’s Paywall Disaster

Faced with a collapse of traffic to the Times website some advertisers have simply abandoned it

Illuminati Symbolism in former Disney girl Belinda’s “Egoista”

Across the globe the Illuminati are engaged in a drive for control using occult symbolism. Whether in Russia, the West or Korea, the same symbols keep appearing. Vigilant Citizen looks at a recent example from Latin America

Iran is not a nuclear threat

Forget the neoconservative hype. The facts show Iran is not and has not been a nuclear threat to either the United States or Israel

Israel decides to buy F-35 fighter jets, despite row over cost of deal

The U.S. has just concluded two of its biggest ever arms deals with Saudi Arabia and Israel. Except the ‘sale’ to Israel of state-of-the-art F-35’s will be ‘funded’ by the U.S., giving the Zionist state enhanced stealth capabilities for preemptive strikes

When you’re Cool the Sun is Always Shinning

Someone once asked me why I was wearing my sunglasses at night. I said, “When you’re cool, the sun is always shining”

Expert predicts 5.5 magnitude earthquake could hit London at any time

Expert predicts 5.5 magnitude earthquake could hit London at any time

While it may not be a disaster on an international scale, “it will come as an unpleasant shock for a country that tends to think itself immune from earthquakes,” Dr Musson told the British Science Festival

Violent Crime Declined As Gun Sales Climbed in 2009

Gun sales reached an all time high last year while violent crimes of all types continued to fall. Proof, say firearm owning advocates, that “gun prohibitionists have been consistently and undeniably wrong”

Andrea Mitchell’s NBC Interview With Iranian President Includes Discussion of Zionism

It’s obvious why some want to ban U.S. networks from interviewing Ahmadinejad. Here he openly discusses a taboo topic: Zionist control of the Western world

Intelligent Scientists “Expelled” by Illuminati

Yes Virginia, there is no Satan. But there are legions of his disciples ready to betray truth for transitory profit. They’re in academia, the mass media, government and the National Academy of “Sciences.”

U.S. poverty rate hits 15-year high

While poverty levels rose, and the number of people without health insurance climbed from 46.3 million in 2008 to 50.7 million in 2009, Congress still managed to approve billions of dollars in aid to Israel