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‘Holocaust denier death, Mossad linked’

Was the Polish academic killed because he asked too many questions?

Hannah Arendt Blamed Nazism on Conspiracy Theory

But as Guy Nicholls notes in his review of Arendt’s ”The Origins of Totalitarianism.”, she seems not to have noticed that Adolf Eichmann had Zionist contacts in Palestine, spoke Yiddish and Hebrew and was himself a full Jew!

The new face of Malaysia’s Islamic witchdoctors

Belief in the supernatural has long been part of life in Malaysia, even after Muslim traders introduced Islam. Now however, the country is seeing a new breed of shaman emerge

An Open Letter to Israel

Lauren Booth has some questions for the world’s “most moral army”

Iran’s Ahmadinejad unveils new ‘bomber’

President Ahmadinejad inaugurated a production line for drones with “long-range bombing” capabilities Sunday

A More Poetic Version of Lady Truth; no Less True

You only need be concerned with the old world as it is destroyed is how much of you is attached to it. Upon that will hinge how the passing of the old world affects you and whether you make it into the new world. Or not

Without a Revolution Americans Are History

The economy has not recovered, nor is it likely to any time soon. A former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan’s first term, explains why

‘Facebook soldier’: I’d love to butcher Arabs

Helping to make clear why the term “Zionazi” came about, the IDF soldier who posted controversial Facebook photos says she no regrets about posting the images. “I hate Arabs… I would happily kill them all, even butcher them,” she says

Why Iran’s Jews are Better Off Than Gaza’s Palestinians

Things aren’t perfect for Jews living in Iran, but they’re better than they are for Palestinians living in Gaza. Much better

Former Pakistani Intel Chief Fears World War Three Is Imminent

“America is likely to get sucked into this war, and this may turn out to be the third world war. It would be a disaster of the first order, it must be avoided at all costs,” says Pakistan’s former intelligence cheif

Big Brother: the series that made surveillance acceptable

Or how so-called “entertainment” is now being used by social engineers. John Walsh argues that the appallingly bad ‘Big Brother’ was a case in point. And it’s also worth noting that the series seemed to appeal to those not given to critical thought

My First Experience of Freemasons

Freemasons espouse human brotherhood but in practice they discriminate against non-members and persecute them

Possible Strike Plans for Iran Involve Risky Options

This is more subtle pro-war propaganda because although its purports to look at the “worst case scenarios” it doesn’t mention the worst of all. The very real possibility that Russia and China will enter the fray and turn a regional conflict into WWIII!!

United Against Knowledge

The Wikipedia Jews refers to a bunch of crypto Zionists who constantly vandalise encyclopaedia entries to do with Palestine, Palestinian activists and Israeli atrocities

US troops say goodbye to Iraq

Actually U.S. troops are NOT saying goodbye entirely. Over 50,000 will remain in Iraq making for an army of occupation, whether they engage in combat operations of not

Burn in Hell You Deniers of the Holocaust

Burn in Hell You Deniers of the Holocaust

To dwell on the Holocaust of WWII alone is not enough. Any right thinking person must also acknowledge the Holocaust of WWI. Both of them demand that anyone who questions any aspect of either of them deserves to be jailed

U.S.S. Liberty Survivor Threatened by Mossad Agent

Earlier this month, a decorated war hero and survivor of Israel’s deliberate attack upon the USS LIBERTY 43 years ago was verbally threatened by a foreign national claiming to work for the government of Israel

My Story: Young Women in Death Spiral

“Leaving a long-term relationship and reentering the brave new world of dating was a culture shock….”, a 31-yr-old man living in Florida recounts his experience

U.S. Assures Israel That Iran Threat Is Not Imminent

Note that throughout this entire article, whether or not Iran actually has a nuclear weapons program is never stated as a clear fact, merely suggested or implied

Anti-Israel sentiment grows in US

Recent poll indicates that public opinion is beginning to turn against Israel, even in America