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Obama’s Masonic Ring and Handshake

Obama’s Masonic Ring and Handshake

Clear evidence that Obama has been groomed to serve – not the American people – but those who put him in power

The First Time I Heard of Barack

Although unconfirmed this email that was circulating some time back offers interesting anecdotal background on Barack Obama

‘Israel convinces US with Credible military plan on Iran’

Putting the option of a military strike on Iran firmly back on the agenda

This Is the Real Netanyahu

‘America won’t get in our way,’ he tells a group of West Bank settlers, ‘it’s easily moved’. Includes video links

Well Cap Causing Seabed to Leak – Engineer

A mechanical engineer with extensive experience in the oil industry writes that if he and his family were living in the gulf region “we would be packing our things right now and leaving”

Noam Chomsky Opposes Palestinian Led Movement to Boycott Israel

At first he denied that he opposed the boycott, calling this an “internet rumor.” But when the interviewer said she had heard him say that he opposed the boycott several years ago, Chomsky admitted that he had opposed boycotting Israel then

Pharmacists give themselves cancer from dispensing toxic chemotherapy

People who live in glass houses should never throw stones, they say. And you might similarly say that pharmacists who deal in poison shouldn’t be surprised to one day discover they are killing themselves with it

Talking About Athens and Jerusalem in Athens

Transcript of a talk given by Gilad Atzmon on the eve of setting sail onboard a flotilla of vessels carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza

Strictly Dancing

Gilad Atzmon on dancing with a Jewish twist: including disco gyrations at Auschwitz and Paul Wolfowitz stepping out. Includes video links

Taliban Hit Afghan Police Posts; Free Prisoners

An emboldened Taliban make for a security situation that seems to be going from bad to worse

Iran scientist claims US swap plan

The scientist, who returned to Tehran last Wednesday, also says said he was presented with fake nuclear documents by US officials who asked him to publicly claim that he had brought them to the US from Iran

They’re still lying about oil disaster

Oil industry insider insists ‘20 million people are entrapped in harm’s way’

How’s Rupert Murdoch’s paywall working out?

Not too well by all accounts

The Polanski Gambit and the Old World Order

Roman Polanski is a mainline Satanist and the desire to make him a public item is not accidental by any means. This is a calculated event. The recent refusal by the Swiss to extradite Polanski extends the drama for the purpose of ongoing misdirection

Ex-CIA agent confirms US ties with Jundullah

Former CIA officer linked the terror group claiming responsibility for a recent bombing in Iran that killed 26 to the Central Intelligence Agency

More U.S. aid will help Israel make ‘tough’ decisions

With the U.S. economy on the skids and the prospect of tough times ahead, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Andrew J. Shapiro (left) has revealed plans to provide Israel with its most extensive military aid package in history

Weapons Inspectors Can’t Disarm Iran

Featured by one of the main cheerleaders in the drive to invade Iraq, this article clearly states: “a weapons inspection regime in Iran will not work”. The implication being that military force may be an option

Polls: Wide Support for an Attack on Iran

Are polls like this being used to psychologically condition the public to accept war with Iran? We look at a prime example

Taranis: The £143million unmanned stealth jet

Britain unveiled its latest generation of combat jet this week. Named after the Celtic god of thunder, the Taranis will be unmanned, heavily armed and capable of strikng targets in distant continents

British Jews Support Israeli War Crimes

Some telling contrasts here