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Now independent thinkers are considered diseased by psychiatry

The day may be coming when Western political dissidents will be detained in mental institutions, just as they were in the Soviet Union

Jews & Gays: When Illuminati Shills Collide

The 2009 Toronto Gay Pride parade brought a whole new meaning to the term “ass kissers”. Henry Makow explains

Settlers benefit from Israeli-only routes

Israel has reserved an increasing number of main roads in the West Bank for Israelis so Jewish settlers can drive more easily into Israel, making their illegal communities more attractive places to live. All financed by a U.S. government aid agency

Planet Chomsky vs Dershowitz’s Orbit

Gilad Atzmon on Israel’s refusal to admit Noam Chomsky into the Zionist state. Includes video link

Considering Your Desire for a Group Conscious Game Changer

We’re not asking God to strike the bad guys dead and send them to Hell. They’ve already got their tickets in any case. This isn’t about revenge or payback. This is about our operating as the children of the all high, which in fact we are

Iran agrees to send low enriched uranium to Turkey

Predictably however, Israel is already accusing Iran of trickery in having reached a deal

Poor Thai ‘red shirts’ victims of the New World Order

I love Thailand. I lived there 14 years, doing volunteer work. I have seen it change from a simple gentle society to what it is today. But the Thai people were always one, no matter what, but now they are sadly divided! And why? Because of a big fat lie!

Trilateral Commission Wants War With Iran

TC member unwittingly tells We Are Change activist of plans for world government

Iran signs nuclear fuel swap deal with Turkey and Brazil

The trilateral agreement should thwart plans to impose sanctions, at least in theory. However, we suspect the West will find another pretext to turn the screws on Tehran

The Saturday Night Out of Line dancing at Gilley’s

It’s like a typical Saturday night but a little early on. There have been a few hard looks and a little pushing and shoving but no one is that drunk yet. Don’t worry, they will be. The head-busting hour will arrive as it always does

Soros sees no bottom for world financial “collapse”

George Soros and and former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker agree, the financial system is on “life support” with little prospect a recovery anytime soon

Chomsky & Jewry Hypocrisy on Arizona Immigration Law

Brother Nathanael Kapner talks with Kevin MacDonald Ph.D. about the moral posturing over Arizona’s immigration laws. In particular, the duplicitous stance taken by Noam Chomsky (left)

Turkish Air Defense System Deployed to “Defend Syria, Iran against Israel Raids”

If true this represents a major shift in the current face-off with Iran that could have far reaching ramifications

Dogs for Jews

Nothing in Jewish history is as remotely cruel and vicious as the current barbarism performed by the Jewish state

Feigned Space Invasion- Recalling “Blue Beam”

We have been saturated with “invasion” movies for decades now. While the majority of people know these to be science fiction, a seed has been planted in their minds

Russia sells Syria warplanes, air defence systems: official

Noteworthy, given Syria’s close ties with Iran and mounting tensions with Israel

Obama’s plan to fund £140m Israeli rocket defence

Despite America’s grim economic prospects, President Obama will ask Congress to fund a $250 million defence system for Israel. This in addition to the $2.55 billion Israel recieved in 2009 and the $3 billion America will donate in 2012

New weapons experimented in Gaza

Giving new meaning to the term ‘Zionazi’ as Israel tests sinister new weapons on Palestinians

Zionists Prepare to Restrict US Freedom

Zionists have a long history of using terror for political ends, including participation in 9/11, Joe Lieberman’s bill is a move in the same direction

Gerald Celente: Banks robbing the people

Greek demonstrations against bankers have now spread to Ireland and Rumania. Gerald Celente tells Russia Today why protests are likely to spread as people realize what’s really going on