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The Theft Of Our Dreams

Beyond the fact that he decided not to take his own life – a real crime against the creator – some good news from the hugely popular writer

Canadian Serial Killer Linked to Elite Satanism?

Canadians have been shocked to discover a senior Air Force officer, who flew the prime minister’s plane, was accused of murdering two women. Trouble is he’s not alone but part of a network of satanic criminals reaching to the highest levels of power

Jews stage anti-Zionist rally in al-Quds

Anti-Zionist Jews clashed with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem Sunday

The Obama We Know

You may remember stories about George Bush and his liasson with a homosexual prostitute? Well, James David Manning Ph.D. has some points about the current White House incumbant that may outdo them

Why And How the Agency Tried to Entrap And Kill Me Yet Again

Real investigative journalism can be a dangerous pursuit. As Trowbridg H. Ford discovered when his investigations into President Kennedy’s assassination nearly got him killed

Iran unveils air defense system as U.S. defends policy

Iran paraded new weapons Sunday, including a new missile system that looked like a replica of Russia’s vaunted S-300 missile system. The S-200 system is described as a weapon “to defend large areas against aerial attacks”. Includes video link

Symbolic Identifiers and Jewish Stereotypes

Jews are usually proud to define themselves as Jews. However, they also will be gravely offended if they are called a ‘Jew’ by others. Suggesting to a Jew that “he is a Jew” or “behaves like a Jew” can be regarded as a serious ‘racist’ offence

Looting Main Street

Looting Main Street

How the nation’s biggest banks are ripping off American cities with the same predatory deals that brought down Greece

Knee-Jerk No Fly Ban Discredits Global Warming Alarmists

Fearmongering by Met Office scientists about planes dropping out of the sky contradicted by numerous successful test flights

Afghanistan: A conspiracy of silence

Afghanistan: A conspiracy of silence

Afghanistan confirms that all three major political parties in the U.K. have the same marching orders. It’s not an election issue and when Nick Clegg “won” the televised debate he made no mention of why UK forces were there nor when they would leave

Last Days On Earth

A cry of despair from the hugely popular (on this website), Mike James and note: we believe that higher powers may have intervened and prevented Mike from committing a real spiritual crime – taking his own life

British bishop fined 10,000 euros for partial Holocaust denial –

“Partial Holocaust denial” means the bishop questioned the historical details – how many died, how they were killed – not whether the Nazis actually persecuted Jews

Beware of newsmen wearing lip gloss

I was told by a master of these dark arts that if I learned them I too could become a wealthy, high-profile anchorman. ‘All you need, Marty,’ he said (he was from NBC News of America), ‘is sincerity – and if you can fake that you’ve got it made!’

Iran engages U.N. on 9/11

Virtually ignored by the corporate media were extracts in a recent letter from President Ahmadinejad to the UN Secretary General requesting an “investigation” into 9/11. The unabridged letter, provided courtesy the Iranian presidency, is linked

Talking About MagogkeNazi Nation

Reflections on blood, semen and celibacy and how what goes around comes around

You’re a “Fascist” if…

According to the corporate media, anyone who won’t meekly submit to the dictates of the New World Order is a fascist

Ahmadinejad extolls Iran’s military might

Unfortunately, this website believes that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s confidence won’t be enough to deter U.S. and/or Israel

Feminism Spoiled Nature’s Great Con

Girls, the men are catching on – through your sister-women who have been “liberated – that they have been victims for ages of the Big Con Game, and the first thing you know they will be demanding Civil Rights and Equality for themselves, too!

Jews Back Kagan for Supreme Court

Dr Kevin MacDonald explains how candidates for the U.S. Supreme Court are now being promoted through a process of “ethnic networking”

Poland Refuses Swine Flu Vaccine

Mistrustful of drug companies, Poland was the only country worldwide to refuse the vaccine. Was this the reason virtually all its leaders were wiped out in one plane crash? While Britain agreed to pay hundreds of millions for vaccines it never needed?