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Celente on 2010: Wave of Terror, Internet revolt & War on migration

Gerald Celente has a sound track record accurately predicting the current economic crisis. Russia Today talks to the trends forecaster about what to expect in the year ahead

The Dark Face of Jewish Nationalism

Includes link to U.S.S. Liberty survivor Phil Tourney interviewing the article’s writer, Dr Alan Sabrosky

The Music and the Dissonance of the Spheres

It is amazing how much divergence there is between official, state approved history and occult history. Not much happened the way we’ve been told and the point of that is to keep us uniformed and confused

Madoff in Jerusalem

It is transparently evident that Zionism failed to erect a modern ethical collective. A poll in Haaretz today indicates that more than half of Israelis are convinced that the leadership of their Jewish State is corrupted

Obama Runs into Israel's Wall of Apartheid

Obama Runs into Israel’s Wall of Apartheid

Christopher Bollyn looks at some of the key players behind Israel’s recent insulting treatment of visiting U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

Bursting the Malachi Martin Bubble

Hitherto highly regarded, new revelations call into question the integrity of Vatican insider Malachi Martin. Henry Makow explains

Young Alaskan Urges Alternative Government

The seeds of open revolt are beginning to stir in North America

‘Israeli spy planes flew over Budapest’

The planes were reported to be on a “spy mission” that may be connected to the assassination of a Syrian national in the Hungarian capital on Wednesday

It’s Time to Throw the Golems out with the Bathwater

I am with the Palestinians, who are the real Israelites and the original people of the Bible. I’m also with the French, who need to flush that blackmailed midget Sarkozy down the bidet

Final destination Iran?

Hundreds of “bunker-buster” bombs are in the process of being shipped to the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Is this in readiness for a strike on Iran?

Netanyahu Warns Biden with Broken Glass

Largely ignored by the mainstream media, it seems U.S. Vice President Biden encountered cryptic threats and thinly veiled insults on his recent trip to Israel

The Poodle Gets Kicked

“Biden may feel he was played for a fool, and Americans may feel jilted, but we got what grovelers deserve”

US ambassador urges China cooperation on Iran

As will become increasingly apparent, China is going to stand alongside Iran in any showdown with the West

Hundreds Of Americans File Complaints Over Naked Body Scanners

Rising wave of anger in response to virtual strip-search contradicts media spin

Jewish Accessories

A list of essential shopping items for the committed Zionist

The Petraeus Briefing

In January, senior military officers responsible for overseeing U.S. interests in the Middle East briefed Joint Chief of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen. The briefing reportedly stunned Mullen and may mark a turning point in U.S. relations with Israel

China takes over from West as Iran’s main economic partner

China’s continued emergence as a global power depends on Iranian gas and oil and the West is making a BIG mistake if it thinks Beijing will allow ‘regime change’ to go unopposed

US Media and Israeli Military, All in the Family

Revelations that the New York Times Israel-Palestinian bureau chief, Ethan Bronner has a son in the Israeli military may have caused a storm of controversy but he is not alone

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive

What happened in Flint – where whole neighbourhoods were bulldozed and returned to nature – may be the future for much of America. Detroit is reportedly about to embark on a similar program

Opus Dei – Catholic Church Embraces Satanic Cult

An organisation within that teaches that ordinary life can be a path to sanctity. Or a satanic cult at the very heart of the Catholic church?