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Americans stock up to be ready for end of the world

Driven by common sense? Or as the Observer suggests, motivated by fear of terror?

Afghan Leaders Call Surge “Imbecilic and Tragic”

Tribal “Jirgas” (councils) of the real government of Afghanistan, the actual rulers of that fractured state are behind one thing now, getting America out of Afghanistan and getting rid of Karzai. Includes interview with Imran Khan (left)

The Occult Symbolism of Sherlock Holmes

The latest Sherlock Holmes movie is packed with occult symbolism. Is it an insider’s joke? Or is the director sending hidden signals for those “in the know”? Vigilant Citizen investigates

A New Jewish Goal

The memory of the Holocaust is indeed important, writes Gilad Atzmon. Because as some Israelis are brave enough to admit, Israelis are the Nazis of our time

Russia commits to deliver S-300 system to Iran

Russia reaffirms its commitment to fulfil the deal although the powerful air defence system has yet to be delivered

Attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities ‘worries’ US admiral

Is chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, trying to warn Israel about the dire consequences of a strike on Iran?

Ex-IDF chief: Israel can’t handle nuclear Iran alone

Meaning that the U.S. and its European allies will be expected to “take care” of the perceived threat

World may not be warming, say scientists

No big surprise but the fact that such conclusions are being publicised in the mainstream media may also indicate that establishment scientists are being forced to reconsider their position on ‘global warming’

Ahmadinejad: Iran doesn’t need nukes, they haven’t helped Israel

In an interview with a Russian paper the Iranian president said nuclear weapons hadn’t helped the Jewish state avoid defeat in the Second Lebanon War

Baroness sacked for anti-Israel comments

In a move that reveals the extent of Zionist control over the political process in Britain, a leading politician is sacked after calling for an inquiry into charges an Israeli forces rescue mission in Haiti harvested human organs

Mumps outbreak spreads among people who got vaccinated against mumps

To hear the vaccine pushers say it, all the recent outbreaks of mumps and measles are caused by too few people seeking out vaccinations. Reality tells a different story, however

The Ficticious Legal Entity Called “a Person”

Paul Verge analyses a quote attributed to Rothschild agent Col. House (left), who was instrumental in founding the U.S. Federal Reserve

Israel is accused of waging covert war across the Middle East

A spate of bombings has led to charges that Israel is waging an undeclared war against its enemies

Dreyfus, The Protocols and Goldstone

If we are to right injustice we must curtail the Zionist operators among us. I am not talking here about Jews but about Zionists, people who are tied to a specific foreign tribal interest through ethnic ties, business interests or simply self-interest

CIA Checkmated in Afghanistan

How a committed triple agent duped US intelligence and killed seven CIA agents late last year

Huge Crowds Celebrate Islamic Revolution

Huge Crowds Celebrate Islamic Revolution

Only days before the Los Angeles Times had confidently predicted “3 million” would turn out in protest. As it happened hundreds of thousands gathered to listen to Ahmadinejad instead

American Celbrates Life … in Romania

Another American writes to tell Henry Makow how he found his very own promised land – far away from America

Snowstorm for the Record Books in Dallas

More evidence of ‘global warming’?

Tolerence Museum to be Built on Muslim Graves

As the correspondent who sent this in commented, you really couldn’t make this up

The U.S. Recovery and Bernanke’s Jewish Lies

Store Closings – Foreclosures – Bankrupt States: why 2010 will not be a year of recovery as Ben Bernanke claims