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Israeli agent claims MI6 was tipped off

Israeli agent claims MI6 was tipped off

Making British Foreign Secretary, David Milliband’s expressed “outrage” over the incident sound all the more hollow. Especially as his name is on a list of ‘Hasbara’ authors who are used to explain – some might say justify or assist – Israeli actions

Ministers lavished millions on climate change stunts

But public opinion is left cold by global warming ‘propaganda’

Up Around the Bending End

He’s back!! A few words from Les Visible before he disappears again into the wilderness offline

William Engdahl: Wall Street in death agony as World’s financial fulcrum

“Goldman Sachs, Citi Group, JP Morgan, Chase and all these other banks are living on life-support from the Federal government and the U.S. taxpayer”

Rothschild’s Secret “Solution” to Greek “Problem”

Word from a high-ranking Jewish Freemason in Budapest about where the current crisis in Greece is heading and the potential pitfalls for gold investments

911 By the NUMB3RS

Tim Bowes applies the principles of gematria – assigning numerical value to an alphabet – to the events of 911 with some interesting results

Britain’s explanation is riddled with inconsistencies

The United Arab Emirates suspect – only suspect, mark you – that Europe’s “security collaboration” with Israel has crossed a line into illegality

China sells $34.2bn of US treasury bonds

This could be the beginning of the end for America economically. For any suggestion that foreign investors are beginning to doubt Obama’s promises to bring the public finances under control will spread alarm through Wall Street and beyond

Taking the Glitter Out of Gold-Based Currency

Paper, bits and bytes, shells, tally sticks, salt? It doesn’t matter what medium of exchange you use, they have all been successfully used in the past. The question is, who is in control of the supply? And what is he doing with it?

The Long Arm of Israel Better Be Amputated

Israel’s leaders may now have to think carefully before they step onto a plane. Gilad Atzmon explains

Israel mulling a spring or summer war: Ahmadinejad

Although naturally Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed Ahmadinejad’s claim during a visit Tuesday to Russia

‘An attack on Israel would be considered an attack on Canada’

And the United States, and Britain and France and Germany and possibly Italy too

Israeli Hit Squad? Dubai Police Issue International Warrants

11-person team used disguises, fake European passports in plot to kill top Hamas leader. Includes video links of CCTV footage

Britain’s immigration boom

Despite government denials, council cheifs say continued immigration is stretching schools and hospitals to breaking point

Israeli daily: Russia vows delivery delay of S-300

Russia has reportedly assured visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that it will delay delivery of the S-300 missile system to Iran

Morgan Stanley Strategist: Head for the Hills!

Barton Biggs, Morgan Stanley’s former chief global strategist has some advice for those who can afford it: buy a remote farm or ranch and stock it with “seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc”

Iran Installing Advanced Enrichment Centrifuges

The U.S. secretary of state overlooks the fact that IF Iran does indeed have nuclear ambitions – and that is still a big IF – then a nuclear arms race is already underway; initiated by Israel’s own undeclared stockpile of nukes

Passport to the truth in Dubai remains secret

According to a Dubai “source”, the security forces of the emirate informed a “British diplomat” about the passports nearly a week ago. Why then didn’t the British immediately express outrage and reveal details of the identity theft?

Israeli UN envoy: China ‘a mystery’ on Iran sanctions

The fact that Israel’s U.N. envoy cannot fathom China’s stance doesn’t reflect well on her insight. Quite simply, China’s rise as an economic superpower depends on Iran’s oil, which is why it doesn’t want a regime installed by the West in Tehran

Greece is Ready to Explode

Greece is on the brink, writes a correspondent in Athens. Pushed to the edge by illegal immigration and Greece’s very own band of Oligarchs