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A Male’s Pathetic Appeal for Love

Most of our assumptions about young women, sex and love are cultural. They’re not true. They’re fed to us as a means of distracting and controlling us

Thousands of Americans died from H1N1 even after receiving vaccine shots

The CDC is engaged in a very clever, statistically devious spin campaign, and nearly every journalist in the mainstream media has fallen for its ploy. No one has yet reported what I’m about to reveal here

Taxpayers Foot Bill for Climate Change Campaigners

‘Global warming’ is an obvious scam but guess who is funding the scam?

Iran hails UN indecision over further sanctions

The world’s six key powers have been unable to agree on imposing new sanctions largely thanks to Russia and particularly China

Israel to station German nuclear submarine in PG

Israel is reported to be preparing put to a Dolphin class submarine on permanent station in the Persian Gulf. This follows reports that Israel was seeking another one of the nuclear capable submarine in addition to its fleet of five

Living in the Light at the Center of the Wheel

A man came out of nowhere and became president on promises of ‘hope and change’. He has devastated hope and changed nothing. He has even made things worse. He’s a tool of those who finance both sides of the equation with the intent of controlling both

World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown

No big surprise here either. It was almost to be expected. However, the fact that this much is being admitted in the corporate media means that it’s now official: the concept of man made global warming is fading

Suicide bombers, gunmen attack central Kabul

Underlining the perilous security situation in Afghanistan, Taliban fighters launched commando-style attacks on government buildings in central Kabul Monday

The Poison Tree: Part I

A parable on the priesthood of the poison tree and the power they have over us

A Message From Transport Canada

Please arrive three days prior to your flight

UN efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear plans hit by Chinese diplomatic snub

No big surprise here. China is simply portecting its own vital interests: its continued emergence as a global power is dependent to a large extent on Iranian oil and gas.

There can be no Darkness more Powerful than Light

We are living in a dark age to be sure and any time light appears the darkness seems to recede. The trick of it is to have a light. If you don’t, then the darkness could appear to overwhelm you and make you believe you were like it

Food security collapses in Haiti

The people of Haiti are learning what the people of New Orleans already know. Your government won’t save you. In a real crisis you are on your own. Mike Adams offers some tips that could save lives

“Up in the Air” – Another Hollywood Mindf**k

Or how feminists can have high powered jobs and sleep with whomever, while still maintaining the illusion of an idyllic marriage and family life

Defamation, Must Be Seen!

This website can only reiterate Gilad’s recommendation. Featuring the ADL’s Abe Foxman and Prof. Norman Finkelstien, Yoav Shamir’s film is an outstanding work on the real nature of ‘anti-Semitism’. Includes video links

Iran says US, UK, Canada assist Afghan drug trade

The Taliban shutdown Afghanistan’s drugs trade in July 2001. With the coalition invasion in November however, it revived and business is now booming with 92% of the world’s heroin coming from Afghanistan. This is the real reason for the occupation

Google Earth helps find El Dorado

Google Earth helps find El Dorado

Hundreds of massive earthworks have been discovered deep in the Amazon. Previously hidden, their discovery could spark a reassessment of the ancient past and revive the reputation of Colonel Percy Fawcett, the real-life model for Indiana Jones

Gun to Our Head? Sexual Liberation & Satanism

Their watchword is “do as thou wilt” and there are some sordid consequences along the way. Henry Makow explains

China sending lower level rep to six-power meet on Iran

By sending a lower ranking representative to discuss new sanctions against Iran, China is subtly reiterating its previously announced opposition to sanctions

Obama Information Czar Outlined Plan For Government To Infiltrate Conspiracy Groups

The fact that the U.S. government is being forced to hire armies of trolls in an effort to silence the truth shows how worried they are about the effect we are having in waking up millions of people to their tyranny