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Inmates at Guantanamo detention facility. Click to enlarge

Obama walks back on Guantánamo

So much for his campaign promise of “change”. Carrying on where Bush left off, the Obama administration is quietly preparing to draft an Executive Order for indefinite detention of Guantanamo detainees

King Co. rejects Israeli-Gaza bus ad

In testimony to the power of the pro-Israeli lobby and its control over America: adverts on Seattle’s buses reading: “Israeli War Crimes… You tax dollars at work” have been pulled shortly after they first appeared

You Are Being Warned! Freezing Temps Worldwide May Lead To Food Shortages

NATO: Taliban detainee not linked to Iran

Contrary to earlier reports, NATO now says a weapons smuggler captured in southern Afghanistan is NOT linked to Iran

$2tn debt crisis threatens to bring down 100 US cities

Hesitant U.S. economic recovery could be derailed as more than one hundred cities face bankrupcy next year

Assange Admits Wikileaks a Fraud Run By Press For Israel

Conflicting opinions on Julian Assange and Wikileaks. This is Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff’s take

POW chief jailed as impostor

Like many “Holocaust survivors”, Australian “Rex” Crane made great play of being a captive during WWII, ultimately becoming president of the Ex-Prisoners of War Association. Then he was revealed as an impostor fraudulently claiming benefits

Kevin Käther’s Questions That Caused Berlin District Court to Drop His Case

Kevin Käther mailed CDs of revisionist lectures on the Holocaust to Berlin Attorney General Lea Rosh. Under the provisions of Section 130 of the German Penal Code he then filed charges against himself. So why were the charges against him dropped?

Angry Haitian mobs lynch 45 ‘witches’ over cholera outbreak

The first lynching cases came late last month, when mobs hacked or stoned to death their victims. Since then at least another 45 have met a similar fate

Wikileaks and Israel

Julian Assange says more Wikileaks disclosures on Israel will soon be made

The Toxic, Cultural Waste Dumps of the World

The age of the neo-Pharisee is coming to an end. But it will not go gentle into that burning and blackened night

Temperatures Drop to New Record Lows

Separated by thousands of miles and virtually an entire ocean, Dublin and Bermuda both registered record lows early this week

Government Waste: 20 Of The Craziest Things That The U.S. Government Is Spending Money On

Even as tens of millions of American families find themselves suffering through the worst economic downturn in modern history, the U.S. government continues to spend money on some of the craziest and most frivolous things imaginable

Australia and New Zealand Governments Are Illegitimate

The governments of Australia, Canada and New Zealand are without any legal foundation. Kevin Alp explains

What’s any of This got to do with That?

Open your eyes. Look at all the forces massing for one thing or another and all the social games and experiments that are at work. Something is coming out of the mix, right up out of the heart of humanity and it is going to bless and to punish accordingly

China Clones, Sells Russian Fighter Jets

Russia’s predicament mirrors that of many western companies as China starts to compete in global markets with advanced trains, power-generating equipment and other technology

A Gallery of Strange Masonic Bedfellows

A Gallery of Strange Masonic Bedfellows

Not everyone being used by the Illuminati is aware of it. Some actually think they are doing good but one way or another they make the strangest bedfellows

Biting winters driven by global warming: scientists

As surely as left is right and down is up. It all depends on your perspective and from where advocates of global warming stand the recent cold weather is yet more evidence to prove their point

That snow outside is what global warming looks like

An illustration of desperation as advocates of global warming now claim that the ongoing cold spell in Britain is yet more evidence of “global warming”

FBI: Peace Activism May Now Be Criminal

The U.S. government seems intent on neutralising opposition to war by making it illegal. Rev Ted Pike explains