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Real Threat is From Clean-Cut Satanists

Many people think a Satanist will stick out like a sore thumb. Some do, most do not

Obama Declares War On Pakistan

Obama Declares War On Pakistan

The ongoing civil war in Afghanistan is merely a pretext, a cover story designed to provide the United States with a springboard for a geopolitical destabilization campaign in the entire region that cannot be publicly declared

Israel’s Leaders on the Run

The Israeli opposition leader says she doesn’t regard an arrest warrant issued against her by a London court as a personal affront but one that slights Israel as a whole. She’s right, growing numbers regards Israel as a criminal state

Iran raises nuclear tension with missile test launch

Iran test fired an upgraded version of its Sejil-2 missile early Wednesday as officials in Washington concede that the time for negotiations with Tehran may be drawing to a close

A Rumination upon the State of our Lives

Belief in the supernatural is everywhere. Unfortunately, the religions that evolve from this often become temporal business operations, effectively transforming into the very antithesis of the original supernatural force

The A.D.L. vs. Faith and Freedom

Rabbi Nachum Shifren on how the ADL is working to destroy America

Full Signal: Tune in to the Truth About Cells

Normally, I stay away from scary movies, but I couldn’t resist going to the world premiere of a terrifying documentary called “Full Signal” last week at the Santa Fe Film Festival. No blood, no Gore, just the electrifying truth.

Are Americans a Broken People?

A psychologist asks: can people become so broken that truths of how they are being screwed do not “set them free” but instead further demoralize them? Has this happened in America?

“Mary-Anne Recalls More Illuminati Horrors

Repugnant and almost beyond belief, ‘Mary-Anne’s’ account nonetheless ties in with Svali and Cathy O’Brien. Henry Makow follows up with the second part of an interview with an illuminati defector

U.S. to test missile shield vs. Iran-style strike

Make no mistake: conflict with Iran is looming and it’s not only Tehran that is making preparations for it

Source: ‘Alarming’ secret document details Iran’s nuclear goals

This looks like a re-run of the Iraqi “Yellow cake” affair. The same unamed sources, the same undated ‘documents’ of questionable authenticity, the same implied suspicions about Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Real Endgame

While still cooperating – on an operational level – on strategic projects such as 9/11, the restoration of the Afghan opium production and the war on terror, factions of the elite are increasingly at odds.

To Know the End from the Beginning

What happened to Berlusconi Sunday was a watershed moment. Though it may not be apparent just yet, I believe we will look back on this incident and say, “That’s when it started”

Drone attacks may be expanded in Pakistan

U.S. officials seek to push CIA drone strikes into the major city of Quetta to try to pressure Pakistan into pursuing Taliban leaders based there

Maurice Kirk – Fixated Threat

Reminiscent of communist Russia or China, British authorities have quietly set-up the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre to label dissidents as “mentally unstable” and then have them incarcerated and silenced. Mike Robinson looks at a recent case

What if?

What if?

What if God walks amongst us and brings Tears of Shame to our eyes?

Binyamin Netanyahu must decide whether to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities

Observers believe the point of no return may be only six months away

David de Rothschild – Jesus?

Seems like that infamous dynasty are up to their old tricks

Insurgent infiltrators terrorise Kabul’s ruling class

The growing collaboration between some of Kabul’s residents and the Taliban mirrors the Islamic regime’s rise to power in the mid-1990s. And one might add, echoes struggles against the British Empire in the 19th century and the Soviets in the 20th

A glittering palace that’s built on shifting sands

Like the Titanic, Dubai was meant to sail through the waters of the world’s economic collapse