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The Hour of Judgement and the Hour of Need

The clock is ticking. The synchro-mesh of destiny is interlacing into a binding, locking web of justice… here and hereafter. This is the great summing up. This is when the unexpected shows up at the banquet of the damned to feed upon them

Lou Dobbs Leaves Cabala News Network

When media commentators start voicing their own genuine opinions they discover the limits of our freedom of speech. As CNN’s Lou Dobss recently discovered

Obama warns Iran of consequences over nuclear standoff

Iran on Wednesday rejected a deal to send enriched uranium abroad for further processing, defying Washington and its allies

Plague or Plan? Ukraine’s mystery disease ‘burns out lungs’

Wayne Madsen talks to Russia Today about the outbreak of Swine Flu in the Ukraine

U.S. Employs “Counterinsurgency” in Strategy in Southern Californian City

Washington Post advocates nationwide implementation in what could be a prelude to a domestic military clampdown

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – The Occult Meaning

Lady Gaga’s latest video portrays her as a ‘sex slave’. Vigilant Citizen examines the occult symbols in the video and its hidden meaning

How the US army protects its trucks – by paying the Taliban

In effect U.S. tax dollars are being spent on protection payments – and it’s the Taliban who profit

Britain’s Channel 4 exposes ‘power’ of pro-Israeli lobby

The documentary, which looked at the extent of Zionist influence over British politicians and media, has been condemned for “stoking anti-Semitism”

George Soros Plundered Russia for Illuminati [III]

Sonja in Moscow explains why George Soros was so intent on wreaking havoc on Russia’s economy under the guise of privatisation

Britain Must De-Zionise Itself Immediately

Little is known about the individuals and groups in Britain’s pro-Israeli lobby. On Monday however that changed when Channel 4 screened a documentary exposing Zionist influence over UK politicians, its media and foreign policy. Includes video link

Jack Straw Lied To Parliament

The former British Ambassador to Tashkent, Craig Murray, presents clear evidence that former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw (left) knowingly lied to Parliament about the use of torture

Soldiers’ mutiny raises concern in Israel

In an incident played down by the military but described by some political commentators as a crossing of a red line, a handful of soldiers protested against the partial dismantling of a settler-outpost in the West Bank on Monday

Israel faked Francop arms claims – Iran

Israel faked Francop arms claims – Iran

Israeli photos depicting shipping documents pointing to an alleged Iranian arms delivery to Hezbollah are forgeries, Iran claims. An apparent shipping manifest from the Ministry of Sepah – is from a defunct agency, suggesting Israel made up the story

Zionist-Soviet EU Dissidents Face Charges Of Sedition, Possible Execution

The independent nation states of Europe no longer exist. Our respective parliaments and High Courts represent nothing more than the rubber-stamping underlings of the unelected, parasitic elites who now govern us by decree from Brussels

Israeli army rabbi urges ‘no mercy’ in war

“Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord with a slack hand, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood,” says the Israeli army’s chief rabbi who sanctioned the killing Palestinian civilians during the Gaza war

Rabbi Baruch Chalomish ‘ran drug-dealing business and supplied cocaine to prostitutes’

Rabbi Baruch Chalomish (left), is alleged to have finaced a drug-dealing business, which enabled him to lavish supplies of cocaine to young prostitues at parties

On turning 60

My biggest mistake was trusting my elders – media, professors – “looking up” to them or anyone. Our society is as bankrupt culturally as it is fiscally. My writing is a memo to my 20-year-old self, containing the information I wish I had had

Miliband calls for majority of Taliban to be reintegrated into Afghan society

Which is another way of saying that after eight years of fighting and with no end in sight, a negotiated settlement with the Taliban is now being considered

The Industry of Guilt and the Way Beyond

Behind the present economic straits is a scheme to reduce a portion of the population to extremis. The main reason for this is to make the military a desirable option. Where else are you going to housed, fed and promised an opportunity for the future?

Major Hasan Of Fort Hood – A Patsy In A Drill Gone Live?

Like Mohammed Atta and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, touted as the “9/11 mastermind,” Major Hasan wasn’t quite the devout Muslim. Webster Tarpley looks beyond the mainstream media’s version of events to find other anomalies