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Suicide attack at Nato base in Kabul kills seven

Taliban strike at the heavily fortified compound in the diplomatic neighbourhood

Israelis caught red handed killing civilians with white flags

For once the BBC anchor is honest and on the ball, making Israeli spokesman Mark Regev squirm in denial

Man pleads guilty to racial threat using fake Facebook account

Wonder where an African American student got the idea to masquerade as a white supremacist on the web and make death threats to other Blacks?

2.5 Million Jobs Lost Since Obama’s Presidency

Trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, whose predictions have thus far proved unerringly accurate talks to Russia Today

American Intifada

To restore its national security, the U.S. must shake off its entangled alliance with this extremist enclave

How Mossad Controls Our Political Parties

From Iraq to Afghanistan and Iran, British foreign policy has slavishly followed America’s lead. This is not due to the ‘special relationship’ but because the prime minister’s office is controlled, first under Tony Blair and now Gordon Brown, by Mossad

Vietnam buys bullet train

Vietnam to replace slow Colonial railway with Japanese bullet trains

The Prophecy of Diseased Whores and Vampire Scum

We’re seeing real life inventions which mirror that ‘mark of the beast thing’ and laboratory generated flu viruses destined to control, as yet unseen, epidemics that may require mandatory inoculations of the populations

Lobby Denial

See no lobby, hear no lobby, speak no lobby

Israeli Paper Says Strike on Iran Could Delay Bomb

An unidentified “senior defence official” was quoted on Wednesday as saying Israel believed a military strike could disrupt what it says is an Iranian nuclear arms programme. But time is running out

Does Hollywood Airbrush Jews and Gays

A hidden hand is pushing minorities to the fore. But when minorities screw up; oh well, suddenly their minority status is airbrushed and they belong to the majority

Southern Poverty Law Center Supporter: Execute Alex Jones For His Political Beliefs

Although the Zionist orientated Southern Poverty Law Center routinely denounces “hate speech”, it allowed comments calling for Alex Jones’s “execution” to remain on its website for months

Kremlin prepares law on military missions abroad

Kremlin prepares law on military missions abroad

New legislation will allow the deployment of Russian forces to defend Russia’s interests abroad. In effect, preparing the legal grounds for Russian intervention in the event of a U.S. and/or Israeli strike on Iran

The Bubble Bursts and the Economy goes into a Tailspin

The world needs a breather from the US, writes Mike Whitney. And they may get it sooner than many think

Kurt Nimmo: false flag could come at the end of summer

“Everybody is waking up to the lies. Everybody knows everything Obama says is a lie. They hoped he wouldn’t be a liar like Bush. They found out he is,” says Alex Jones in an interview with Kurt Nimmo

Dead Babies Don’t Grow on trees

The Apocalypse can’t come too soon for me. I am welcoming a massive storm to wipe the landscape clean because I suspect the darkness in any of us is tied to the darkness in all of us

Trevor Phillips warns of immigration ‘cold war’

Two stories here, which by contrast, help illustrate a tactic used by the Illuminati to help further the principle of ‘divide and rule’

Taliban Gathering “Momentum”

U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal, who will soon present an assessment of the war in Afghanistan, says the Taliban are gaining the initiative

Hank Paulson In Constant Contact With Goldman During Crisis

According to a copy of Paulson’s calendar acquired through the Freedom of Information Act, he was in constant contact with Goldman’s chief executive, Lloyd C. Blankfein, throughout the banking crisis. Was Blankfein calling the shots on the bailouts?

School officials face jail time for meal-time prayers

Another example of mounting clampdown on the Christian faith