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Warning From Blair’s Sister-In-Law

Wake up and smell the pepper spray. These 3,609 new laws are to control us, not protect us

When Will It Start?

When Will It Start?

The warning signs are clearly visible: you only have to read between the lines to see them. We spell out some of the tell tale signals for war with Iran and when to expect it

Shame on you, you Pathetic Blood-Stained Clowns

Who engineered the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan? A simple search of the names of the neo-cons who lied America and other nations into these conflicts will reveal what nation they serve

The Rise of the Fourth Reich and the Weapons of War

Let us draw upon the collective power within and drive the servants of darkness back into the pit. The tyranny of the vampire is at an end. Let your personal sunlight provide the disinfectant and let your heart takes wings

Israel recruits gay community in PR campaign against Iran

Overseen by Israel’s Foreign Ministry, a new campaign aims to mobilize the international community over Iran’s stance on gays and lesbians

Dennis Ross Must Resign!

Profile of Dennis Ross: a U.S. diplomat who serves Israel’s interests rather than America’s. The self-same diplomat who told colleagues that he believes the United States will ultimately have no choice but to attack Iran

Bishop Takes Knight

Is this why he has been singled out by the authorities and media? Listen to Bishop Richard Williamson talk about 9/11, the emergent “police state”, the ‘Holocaust’ and how “we are being enslaved by lies”

Planet X Nibiru

It may be more than just a myth. Scientists and researchers talk about Planet X. Also known as Nibiru, it is reputed to be in a wide elliptical orbit and forecast to return in 2012 – bringing massive upheaval and transforming our view of history

‘Will you open fire on UK citizens’

More indications that the British Government is preparing for some sort of crack down on its own citizens

Delegates walk out on Ahmadinejad

About 23 EU delegates walk out on Ahmadinejad, but most greet him with applause

UN Conference Highlights Double-Standards

Nine Western countries are boycotting the UN sponsored “anti-racism” conference while those European countries that are attending staged a walk-out in protest at Ahmadinejad’s address

Iran president wants to ensure U.S.-Iranian reporter’s rights

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has personally intervened after an American-Iranian journalist was jailed for spying

Illuminati Will Pretend to Lead Resistance to NWO

Their Agenda will remain unopposed as long as they can masquerade as their own opposition, which is exactly what Governor Rick Perry (left) is doing in Texas

‘If you don’t take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits’

From 2005 but given the current economic downturn more relevant than ever

“War on Terror” or Comedy of Errors?

Recent UK anti terror raids prompted by top policeman’s blunder. Chief suspect reported dead last year: the arrested men likely to be deported rather than charged with “terror”. Dundee born Scot held on suspicion of recruiting “terrorists”

Times Online Revisionism?

We catch the Times Online rewriting history

Gerald Celente Violent Revolution will Start Soon

Marina Portnaya talks to trends forecaster Gerald Celente, a man whose predictions for the future have proven correct time and again

Israel stands ready to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites

The Israeli military is preparing to launch massive air strikes on Iran within days of being given the go-ahead

U.S. says will not attend U.N. conference on racism

Another example of Zionist control of U.S. foriegn policy

Thought Control on the American Campus

With a special emphasis on “racism” or “sexism”: do echoes of this in the mainstream media sound all too familiar?