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U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar

More bad news for the beleaguered U.S. currency

Masonic Cops Protecting Serial Murderers and Rapists in the UK

Despite repeated complaints about Worboys (left), police did nothing. Effectively allowing him to rape as many as 500 women

Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?

Ostensibly Facebook is a “social utility” web site that connects people with others who have similar interests. At least that is what the website claims but there may be more to it than there appears

Just a Little Something That Needed to Be Said

Smoking Mirrors used to live in America but was thrown into jail there for speaking his mind; ironically because he believed in the principles the country was founded on. Then he realised that this was no longer the case

Israel’s dirty secrets in Gaza

In distinct contrast to official accounts, details of Israeli war crimes from the recent Gaza offensive are revealed in testimonies from Israeli soldiers themselves

In Israel, recession pressures boil over into looting

The global financial collapse leads to anarchy in some Israeli supermarkets

Google does not know that Arab and Palestinian Mothers Exist

Using Google to research an article for Mother’s Day, Iqbal Tamimi finds the Internet search giant makes some notable omissions

Busted while reporting in Alexandria, Va.

With cyber attacks on this website and Christopher Bollyn’s, the suspicious death of Paul Vigay and the abduction of Jihaad Unspun editor Khadija Qahhar, it seems a clampdown is underway. In the latest episode, Wayne Madsen was arrested

Is “The Riddle of Anti Semitism” a “Hate Message”?

The Canadian Jewish Congress & the Canadian Human Rights Commission want this 2004 article removed from Henry Makow’s website because it exposes Jews to “hatred and contempt.” But does it really? We invite readers to judge for themselves

Obama in surprise message to Iran

After decades of strained relations, Obama has made an historic appeal to Iran for “engagement that is honest”. Whether his appeal is entirely honest however, remains to be seen

AIG executives receive death threats

AIG boss says he fears for his employees’ lives if Congress names recipients of bonuses

Two Million Dollars Ransom for Jihad Unspun Editor

The editor of Jihad Unspun, Khadija Qahhar (left), was abducted leading some to wonder if elements in Western Intelligence didn’t have a hand in her kidnapping. Was it yet another attempt to silence the independent media?

Death of a Hero

Paul Vigay was dedicated to exposing what the mainstream media avoids: 9/11, Princess Di’s murder and the dark doings of the ruling elite. Did he expose too much and was that why he drowned although friends dismiss any notion of suicide?


A few words from a genuinely gifted psychic friend

Russia ‘waiting’ to carry out Iran arms contract

The timing of the delivery of the S-300 missile system will be crucial to when and if a US/Israeli strike commences

War On Terror Within: The End of Jewish History

In the light of the Holocaust religion and its epic survival ethos the Jewish State considers itself legitimated in dropping white phosphorus on women and children who they have caged in an inescapable open-air prison

Why Avigdor Lieberman is the worst thing that could happen to the Middle East

The growth of such an extremist administration in Israel can only be dangerous news for the Middle East

Report: IDF chief gave U.S. fresh intel on Iran nukes program

Like where exactly the U.S. can drop its bombs for Israel?

Monsanto and Corporate Jail House Gang Rape

There’s a tight little hotbed of incest between the bankers and the corporations and whatever government is bending over in the shower for them. And you don’t have to tell these public servants not to drop the soap. They’ll drop it on purpose

Sack the Economists who caused the Financial Crisis

If anyone is to be blamed for the current financial crisis it should be the economists, writes Dani Rodrik. For it was they who acted as cheerleaders for the very fiscal policies that got us into the current mess