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The West Stares into the Abyss

Although nobody is saying as much, the Western alliance is looking at much the same prospect in Afghanistan as the Soviets before them

Voice of the White House March 20, 2009

Although Americans are outraged that their banking and financial sectors are awarding themselves massive bonuses – despite massive losses which the U.S. taxpayer is subsidising – the bankers themselves are astonished that anyone should dare question it

Fritzl: there is a darker side to Austrian culture

A classic piece of modern disinformation. And like all disinformation it omits to mention one critical fact. See if you can spot it

Who is Bernard Madoff, the man behind the $50 billion fraud?

Like the Truth Seeker recently, Christopher Bollyn’s website has been coming under heavy cyber attack. However, he has posted us an update of his most recent article where he asks: did prosecutors protect Madoff’s fellow conspirators?

Understanding the Zionist Corporate Network Linking 9-11 and the Financial Crisis

The current financial crisis, like 9-11, did not just fall out of the sky. Rather, both 9-11 and the financial melt-down are the results of decades of planning and preparation. Christopher Bollyn explains

The Israeli Who Will Run the Obama White House

Christopher Bollyn presents a definitive investigation into Rahm Emanuel, the Israeli national who together with fellow Zionists groomed Barack Obama for power; and who will now effectively control America as White House Chief of Staff

The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11

Christopher Bollyn continues his groundbreaking investigation into the matrix of Zionist intrigue and treachery behind the events of 9/11

9/11: The Israeli Network in Florida

My discovery that the current Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, made a secret visit to New York City on the eve of 9-11 has provided significant pieces to the puzzle about the Israeli intelligence network in Florida and its role in 9/11

When Terror Drills Turned Real: 9-11, the London Bombings & the Sinking of Estonia

The Arabs and Muslims who have been wrongly blamed for 9-11 and the London bombings have simply been framed, like Lee Harvey Oswald, as part of the deception. Christopher Bollyn explains how

Solving 9-11

More Israeli connections to 9/11 are revealed as Christopher Bollyn reveals Israeli spy software on critical FAA computers

9/11 and Israel’s Use of Terrorism to Coerce the West

From the bombing of the King David Hotel to the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty and the events of 9/11, Israel has a history of launching false flag “terror attacks” against supposed friends and benefactors

The Planes of 9-11

Chrisopher Bollyn investicates the Israeli military aircraft company tied to 9-11

The Bollyn Trial: The Criminalization of an Outspoken Journalist

After being assaulted and tasered by police in front of his family, Christopher Bollyn faced the ordeal of trial and imprisonment on trumped up charges. As a result he was advised not to write, at least for a while. Here he outlines his predicament

9/11 Planes Flew Directly into Secure Computer Rooms in Both Towers

Christopher Bollyn uncovers evidence tying the collapse of the World Trade Center towers with Paul Bremer, Bush’s former Iraq pro-consul, and indications that the incendiary Thermite was pre-postioned, hidden on the 91st floor disguised as batteries

The Zionist Occupation of Iraq Is the “War in Iraq”

As President Bush prepares to send more troops to Iraq, Christopher Bollyn uncovers a web of Zionist inspired intrigue that spreads from White House press breifings, to Paul Bremer’s Coalition Provisional Authority and Baghdad’s bloody backstreets

The Likud Criminal Gang Behind 9/11 and the War on Terror

Remember the five Israelis who were caught dancing as the World Trade Center burnt in the distance shortly before collapsing? Well after being extradited from the US three of them appeared on Israeli TV to explain why they seemed to be celebrating

U.N. Investigators Broach Theory that Hariri was Killed by a Missile

Christopher Bollyn asks: but will the UN investigate the evidence and hypothesis that point to Israel being behind Hariri’s assassination?

Greetings from the Starship Visible

Something a little different from Smoking Mirrors

Iran and Obama: A New Beginning?

Or was the president’s overture just a piece of political theatre?

Facebook Censors User For Promoting The Obama Deception

Facebook sent a warning that my account would be disabled and “may” be blocked from posting links. Why? Apparently for linking The Obama Deception to people on my friends list