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Man sought by UK authorities over alleged sending of DVD

A British man has been charged with “perverting the course of justice”. The reason? He sent a DVD to the judge, jurors and victims families of the 7/7 attacks claiming that they were an “inside job”. Watch the actual linked video and judge for yourself

Tessa Jowell Should Be Charged With Money Laundering

The former husband of Britain’s Secretary of State for media, culture and sport has just been convicted of money laundering in Italy. A former ambassador explains why this is symptomatic of all-pervasive corruption in the British government today

Iran’s Ahmadinejad Says He’s Waiting for Signs of U.S. Change

He could be in for a long wait

Tony Blair receives Israeli prize worth $1 million

He’ll appreciate this. Not the award for helping to “forge lasting solutions to areas in conflict,” which given his role in leading military action in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan is an insult to the intelligence. But the money, he’ll like that

Davos Debt & Denial

In an age of illusion, the guise of truth is often heresy

Eastern Europe is about to Blow

Because of ‘globalisation’ the credit crunch is hitting home around the world, particularly in Eastern Europe

The Architecture of Destruction

Richard Cage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth explains why in his professional opinion the official explanation for the collapse of the World Trade Center towers just doesn’t make sense

Triangulation or strangulation?

The new president is discovering that America ‘s road to Kabul goes through Moscow, says Eric Walberg

Men Who Get Women

I was programmed by the mass media and education to regard sex and love, especially sex, as the highest experiences life had to offer. I was programmed to fail

The Howdy Doody President

I’m all for the power of positive thinking. I employ it on a regular basis but… I’m against pissing in my own ear and telling myself its rain

The ‘Islamist’ who wasn’t

The fact that a ‘professional liar’ hoodwinked the media and government is a damning indictment of both

Iran, Jordan, Lebanon Upgrade Airpower

Countries across the region are upgrading their air defence systems, no doubt in anticipation of US and/or Israeli air strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities

Israeli convicted of spying for Iran

According to the deputy director of the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, Iran is deeply concerned by the prospect of an Israeli military strike and is employing all possible means to glean information on Israel

A ‘fraud’ bigger than Madoff

In what could turn out to be the greatest fraud in US history, authorities investigate the alleged role of military officers in the misuse of Iraq reconstruction billions

‘Rise in attacks’ on British Jews

The Community Security Trust, which is responsible for the safety of Jews in the UK. reports that the number of anti-Semitic attacks in 2008 went DOWN from 561 to 541. How does the BBC news site choose to headline this?

Voice of the White House February 12, 2009

This week: the alleged discovery of a hoard of a treasure trove of sunken gold coins and how the Chinese may be profiting

Cyprus finds no arms on Iranian ship

Allegations that an Iranian ship held in Cyprus was carrying arms to Gaza received much coverage recently. Now it’s been revealed that U.S. Navy search teams found no weapons on board

Ex-official: Israel can hardly wait to attack Iran

Israel’s former U.N. ambassador says the Zionist state cannot wait much longer for diplomatic efforts to curb Iran’s uranium enrichment program

The secret police are watching you

How can an organisation that is not subject to public scrutiny set up a sinister unit to monitor political and environmental groups?

The Growing Army of Angry Men

The day is approaching when each and every American will have to decide whether they will try to fight a devastating government machine, or join it