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The Walrus and the Carpenter do Lunch

On and on and on it goes, a compelling mix of cynicism, hypocrisy and psychopathic indifference.

NY Times Cheerleader Urges Pain For Gaza Civilians

A comfortable distance from the actual conflict, Thomas Friedman offers a perfect definition of “terrorism”

Mrs Mugabe assaults our photographer outside her luxury Hong Kong hotel

Tragic irony here, particularly for native Zimbabweans. Because it was the western mainstream media that originally portrayed Mugabe as a “liberator” and the former Rhodesia as a “racist, rebel colony” – thereby paving the way for Mugabe’s ascent to power

Voice of the White House January 15, 2009

A Beltway insider reports on a new, U.S. based Internet scam that seems set to rival Nigerian fraudsters

Pastor Lindsey Williams Details “Economic Calamity” Ahead

Sound advice on how to survive the coming economic collapse from the man who correctly predicted that the oil price would fall from roughly $140.00 per barrel to less than $50.00 per barrel

MP Kaufman likens Israelis to Nazis

One of the pillars of Britain’s Jewish community has compared Israeli actions in Gaza with that of the Nazis. However, even more revealing were the comments his comparison provoked. Includes video link

Claims that Israel is using illegal bombs won’t go away

Nor will accusations of Israeli “lies” and calls for it to be charged with “war crimes”

Exchanges of fire puncture fragile Gaza truce

The precarious cease-fire and claims of damage to Hamas need to be seen in contrast to the effect recent Israeli actions have done the Zionist state’s standing. Because across the globe it is now viewed as a little better than a “terrorist” state itself

Gazan Doctor’s children killed while he is speaking to Israeli TV

Israeli TV interviews a “moderate” Gazan doctor in real time and unrehearsed. What may have been planned as a P.R. exercise turns into a disaster however, as while on air his children are killed by the Israeli military – with subtitles

Israel’s “Colonies”

Jewish peace activist Anna Baltzer talks about Israel’s illegal settlements

Bloodshed in Gaza and Beyond – Israel’s National Orgasm

Although we don’t believe this applies to all – there are notable individual exceptions – given the events of the past few weeks Mark Glenn asks: “Where is Israel’s conscience???” Or does it indeed have one?

The Hanukah Massacre on Gaza–Judaism in its Finest Hour

Don’t blame Zionism for the current carnage in Gaza. The real reasons, writes Mark Glenn in his controversial but well-argued essay, lie far deeper

The Slamarama, Short-Sheeted Burning Bed

It’s not just the Jewish people who have the virus. This virus is resident all over the place BUT it is the Jewish people who are going wind up suffering the most as a result, due to the efforts of their fellows

Spent shells prove Israeli use of white phosphorus, Gaza doctors say

Spent shells prove Israeli use of white phosphorus, Gaza doctors say

More evidence of Israeli War Crimes

Israel Has Managed to Lose Again

Israel first set out to destroy Hamas but with Obama’s inauguration drawing ever closer that now seems unlikely. Instead they’ve boosted the Islamic resistance movement’s standing and badly tarnished their own

Gaza residents: IDF troops posing as Hamas men

Gaza residents: IDF troops posing as Hamas men

Haaretz quickly replaced this but you can read the original report here. Or in the words of the Mossad motto: ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war’

Reflected in the Bitter Mirror

Ian Buckley reflects on the ongoing carnage in Gaza in view of ‘deep and ancient forces’

Media Rules of Engagement

For Gaza War (and other wars). Or how to report a real Holocaust

Israeli forces shell UN headquarters in Gaza

Is this the Israeli version of the Blitzkrieg? A refugee compound, a UN aid depot, hospitals, schools and ambulances have all been targeted. All a mistake? Or part of deliberate Israeli strategy to sow fear and terror among Palestinians?

UN headquarters in Gaza hit by Israeli ‘white phosphorus’ shells

The main United Nations compound in Gaza was ablaze Thursday morning (left), after being hit by Israeli artillery shells thought to contain White Phosphorus