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Israel stripped body organs off Palestinians: MP

An Israeli Knesset member has renewed the controversy over the alleged harvesting of vital organs with new claims that vital organs were being removed from dead Palestinians

Police expect Mumbai-style terror attack on City of London

The powers that be are getting desperate as more and more people wake-up to their designs. So don’t put it beyond them to kill a few of their own (minor functionaries of course), just to convince us otherwise

Dred Scott Redux: Obama and the Supremes Stand Up for Slavery

It happened earlier this week, in a discreet ruling that attracted almost no notice and took little time

How do They do It? It Baffles the Mind

The truth is a dangerous thing. Even being close to the truth is a dangerous thing

Auschwitz Yet Again

Early on Friday the famous “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Sets You Free) sign that hung over the entrance gate to the Auschwitz camp, was stolen

No Enemy, No Negotiations: Only The Dead Are Real

The only people-mentioning bin Laden are con men looking for someone to blame or trying to scare idiots. Not only is bin Laden dead but so too is Al Qaeda, if it existed at all

Religious Zionism As A New Political Force

Brother Nathanael Kapner traces the rise of Israel’s settler movement with its mix of religious and political belief. Both of which are made incendiary by a sense of racial superiority in a drive toward a ‘Greater Israel’

Surviving the Storm or Missing the Boat?

My gut tells me that what is coming is going to be a surprise to everyone. It is going to be different and it is going to have a definite spiritual element. My gut tells me that promotions and demotions are on the horizon in a very big way

Important Points About Iran’s Missile Test

Important Points About Iran’s Missile Test

According to the former head of Israel ’s Missile Defense Program, Uzi Rubin, Iran’s upgraded Sejil-2 represents a “quantum leap forward” in Iran’s missile technology. Includes video link of the launch

Yad Va Shame on You!

Debunking antisemitism studies and Yehuda Bauer in particular

Tiger Woods – A Lesson for All Men

Tiger Wood’s downfall contains an almost Biblical lesson for all men. Henry Makow explains

Italian student tells of arrest while filming for fun

This is the new face of British law enforcement and it’s becoming an increasingly familiar tale: a steady clampdown on civil liberties in the name of fighting terror. Includes video link

Climategate goes SERIAL

Now the Russians confirm that UK climate scientists manipulated data to exaggerate global warming

The Norway Spiral and Ticks on the Run

Ever since it became clear to me that Israel intended to attack Iran I’ve felt that it is going to turn into the biggest backfire in history. There is something ‘they’ don’t know and that something is going to affect the result in a truly momentous way

Israeli Bolshevik Murderers Terrified Of Foreign Arrest

Israeli Bolshevik Murderers Terrified Of Foreign Arrest

And yet we call these Ashkenazim and Freemasonic ‘Jewish’ international financial swindlers, and rapists and assassins of Palestinian boys and girls “our allies”

Russia, NATO and Afghanistan: High stakes Great Game

Russian suspicions about US intentions are very strong on many fronts. So what explains Russia’s quiescence at Obama’s determination to wrest Central Asia from its traditional sphere of influence?

WSJ: Iran, Venezuela Share a Nuclear Dream

There is mounting speculation in the corporate media about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, just as there was once about Saddam’s. That turned out to be totally unfounded but it helped pave the way for the Iraq invasion. Does this serve a similar purpose?

To Schlep Them to Justice in Safety

Tony Blair, Ehud Barak, Olmert, Yaalon, and Livni are indeed together in the same symbolic boat. A boat that may eventually dock in The Hague

Climate Change ‘Lies’ by Britain

Russians claim British climatologists “probably tampered with Russian-climate data” to produce a report submitted to world leaders at this week’s Copenhagen summit

The Strategy Behind Same-Sex Marriage

Traditional marriage is designed to join a man and woman for life, so they can raise a family and transmit the culture and its values to the following generations. Change that and you can ultimately control that line of transmission