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Former US admiral: Don't fear Iran

Former US admiral: Don’t fear Iran

We also don’t think Iran is contemplating attacking Israel, its recent displays of military might are meant as a deterrence. Howevever unlike Fallon, we think Iran is more powerful than it appears and he is simply trying to calm a panicked Israel

Former general: Israel can’t defeat Iran

A former National Security chief says putting a stop to Iran’s nuclear program is beyond Israel’s capability. However, that doesn’t mean it wont try because once Iran retaliates, as it will, the Zionist state can then call on America to finish the job

Afshin Rattansi, Max Keiser, Bernard Madoff & U.S.war

Afshin Rattansi talks to Max Keiser about the Bernard Madoff case before talking to a senior official of the Pakistani ISI and friend of Osama bin Laden about U.S. attempts to foment a nuclear war between Pakistan and India

Democracy and accountability are an illusion

Am I afraid? No and Yes. You don’t get killed for being on the cutting edge in Canada; you either are ignored or shunned, or get heaps of mud thrown at you. Over the past few weeks, I’ve experienced all three

Israel: Starving Gaza for Christmas

Question: Why are There So Many Holocaust Movies? Answer: Because Israel is Trying to Starve the Gazan People to Death

A Mossad Daughter Jailed For Refusing Military Service

Omer Goldman, the daughter of the deputy head of Mossad and yet another “Rebel Jew” speaks out

Jewish Newspaper Advocates Mass Murder of Innocent Muslim Civilian

While the ADL and other Jewish groups remain silent – in contrast to their constant sermons about other types of “hate” and “intolerance”

Voice of the White House December 14, 2008

Emboldened by the success of the Chicago sit-ins, more and more U.S. workers are likely to embark on similar actions. And almost certainly, writes a Beltway insider, this will become a very powerful and very dangerous political weapon in the future

Barack Obama: “America’s First Jewish President”

Obama illustrates how a small, close knit, well-organized and well financed minority operating through prestigious professional posts can penetrate major political institutions, capture upwardly mobile politicians and `turn’ them into willing accomplices

A Report from Planet Mammon

By converting to Christianity, Israel Shamir joined a long line of “Jews by birth who denounced the Judaic cult of Death”. Mike Jones provides an intriguing insight into how Zionists will try to silence a genuine “rebel Jew”

Russian air defence deal with Iran under way – report

Senior officials from Israel’s Defense Ministry’s Diplomatic-Security Bureau reportedly travelled to Moscow on Tuesday to dissuade Russia from selling the “game-changer” S-300 air-defence system to Iran. But they may be too late

Pakistan, China agree to boost military ties

The battle lines are already being drawn with the looming confrontation looking bigger by the day

Iran drones to monitor enemy from sky

As tensions mount with the U.S. and Israel over its nuclear program, Iran has unveiled a new domestically built unmanned aerial surveillance vehicle

An Adequate Way to Drive to Hell

No, we haven’t taken leave of our senses. This is indeed a car review but it’s also an indication of how far we are down the road to Armageddon. Read it and you’ll see why

Madoff Ponzi Scheme Dwarfed by Illuminati Rubin’s

As a Director of Citibank, Robert Rubin (left) profited from a scam that wreaked havoc on the world’s finances. You may not have heard about it however, because of his close ties to Obama. Henry Makow explains

Invoking the Holocaust to Defend the Occupation

The Shoah is the weapon that Israelis and their supporters use to fend off criticism, allowing Israel to continue committing crimes against the Palestinians. Burg writes: “All is compared to the Shoah, dwarfed by the Shoah, and therefore all is allowed

Car bomber Bilal Abdulla was known to MI5

Just as it had the 7/7 terrorists under surveillance before they struck, MI5 knew of the Iraqi born doctor behind the terror attacks in London’s West End and Glasgow airport. Prompting one to wonder: did they also knowingly ‘allow’ them to happen?

A Nation Does Not Die Overnight

When I was a child America was moral and strong, writes Joe Cortina. We may have been a more naive and ‘innocent’ people but we had the good sense to NOT commit national moral suicide. Now however, things have changed

Was Churchill a “Holocaust Denier”?

Recently uncovered transcripts of Churchill’s wartime meetings reveal he was anything but the patriotic figure of popular imagination

Baghdad Wall May Signal Trouble as U.S. Fights Iran Surrogates

Baghdad Wall May Signal Trouble as U.S. Fights Iran Surrogates

Like Israel’s ‘Apartheid wall’ or its earlier counterpart in Berlin, the U.S. has built its own divisive barrier in Baghdad